G1 & G2 Packet Styles

circa 1967-1969 (G1), 1969-1970 (G2)


G1 front G1 back
front back

The G1 and G2 packets retained the full face artwork of the S5 and S6 styles. The principal difference was the replacement of the S6 oval device with a narrow rectangular bar featuring the GAF logo in white lower-case letters against a red (sometimes black) background and the words "21 VIEW-MASTER Stereo Pictures" in black letters against a white background:

G1 detail

The only difference between the G1 and G2 styles was found on the reverse of the packet envelope. On the bottom flap of G1 envelopes the GAF logo appeared on a black background and the corporate address was listed as Portland, while on G2 envelopes the logo had a red background and the address was New York:

G1 detail G2 detail



(Differences between the G1 and G2 variants are so negligible that many collectors, dealers, and auctioneers make no distinction between them. Since these serve as sources for the V-M URL, "G1/G2" often will be seen in the List in lieu of more specific information.)

Perforations along the folding lines of packet envelopes were first introduced with the G1 style. Why GAF chose this method of production is unclear; perhaps perforation expedited machine folding of envelopes. Whatever the reason, perfs are the bane of View-Master collectors because, even with careful handling, over time envelopes separate along their edges. Partially or completely separated top flaps are inevitable on G1 through V2 packets; the problem is so bad that detached top flaps are found even in "MNO" (mint never opened) packets still in their original shrinkwrap.



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