GU Packet Style

circa late 1960s


GU front (68k) GU back (50k)
front back
(Specimen courtesy John Saddy, Jefferson Stereoptics.)


The "GAF Universal" variant, like the SU style, was a generic packet design used temporarily when new or revised packets needed to be shipped but new cover artwork had not yet been created. (This style has not been included in any previous classification system; the GU designation is my own extension of generally-accepted taxonomy.)

The GU design was largely similar to the SU style, with an orange and olive green color scheme and a stylized View-Master reel depicting random, unrelated images in each cell. Set against the orange band across the top of the cover were the packet title and, in the upper right corner, a lower-case GAF logo.

These packets are exceedingly scarce and may only have been issued in the European market for a brief time following GAF's acquisition of View-Master in October 1966. European and North American packets were more or less identical during Sawyer's ownership, but under GAF European packets began to diverge from North American designs. Because no GAF generic packets are (yet) known to have been produced in Portland, the GU style likely represents the initial post-Sawyer's period when art directors at the Belgian facility were developing the first distinctly European packet styles.



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