S1 Packet Style

circa 1948-1954

S1 front S1 back
front back

The S1 style, seen in Sawyer's first multi-reel packets, was characterized by monochrome line illustrations on the envelope front.

S1 packet selection Typical covers were composed of solid-color horizontal bands at top and bottom, with line art between. The relative proportions of colored bands and line drawings varied among packets; while some, like The Christmas Story (packet XPX, above example), exhibited an approximate 33%-33%-33% division, others displayed a ratio closer to 20%-60%-20%.

While this three-level layout was the most common design, it was not the only manifestation of the S1 style. The earliest designs, seen in The Christmas Story, Fairy Tales, New Fairy Tales, and Wild Animals, comprised two vertical columns of line art on either side of a central column of text. Other S1 packets displayed full-face line drawings in combination with a single solid-color horizontal band at top or bottom. A new school of thought even classifies the S2 variant as a sub-species of the S1 style. Common elements in all S1 packet covers, however, were a line drawing of a Model "C" View-Master viewer and the art décoratif View-Master logo.

The envelope flap was long, approximately 60% the vertical dimension of the packet, and bore the packet's alphabetic designation (if any) and individual reel numbers.



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