S4 Packet Style

circa 1958-1960

S4 front S4 back
front back

The S4 style was largely identical to the preceding S3 variant. The principal difference was the addition in the S4 design of an alphanumeric packet number printed in the solid-color circle at the upper right of the envelope front:

S3 detail S4 detail
S3 S4

The reverse of the envelope listed the titles of the three reels in the packet and advertised other View-Master titles in the same general subject category.

A new alphanumeric packet/reel numbering system was instituted beginning with the S4 style. The packet number comprised an alphabetic character (A, B, or C) followed by three digits; reels within a packet were identified with the addition of a fourth digit (1, 2, or 3). For example, packet B656, Moon Rockets and Guided Missiles, consisted of reels B6561, B6562, and B6563.



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