S6 Variant View-Master Packet

S6 Packet Style

circa 1963-1966

S6 front S6 back
front back

The S6 packets continued the full face artwork of the S5 style and were characterized by a white oval containing the View-Master logo, the words "21 Stereo Pictures," and the Sawyer's blue diamond logo.

There were three variations on the white oval (the packet classification system collectors generally use does not distinguish among these three substyles and I have applied my own extension of generally-accepted taxonomy):

S6a detail


The earliest S6 design used the traditional art décoratif View-Master logo and some (earlier?) examples lack the Sawyer's blue diamond symbol. The S6a type is much less common than S6b.
S6b detail


The principal S6 design introduced a View-Master logo with new typography and no depth. This is by far the most common S6 variant.
S6c detail


The last S6 design substituted GAF's corporate logo for Sawyer's blue diamond symbol. Some packets are known with S6a/S6b fronts combined with G1 backs or other combined Sawyer's/GAF indication (as below); these are also designated in the List as S6c.

S6c detail(Strictly speaking, S6c variants should be called G1 because they reflect GAF's purchase of View-Master from Sawyer's in late 1966. Although S6c variants were an interim design between S6 and G1, nevertheless they can be found on some packets dating from the middle 1970s. The GAF logo consisted of lower-case letters at the time it acquired View-Master and was a principal design element in G1, G2, & G3 packets; G4, G5, & G6 designs employed a later logo with upper-case letters. S6c variants are known with both lower- and upper-case GAF logos, but only those with a lower-case logo date from the late 1960s; those with an upper-case logo date from circa 1975 or later.)

S6 edition mark S6 packets were the first to bear an edition mark, a capital letter located in the extreme lower right edge of the packet front, in the white border outside the artwork; in many, but not all, cases the reels also carried edition marks. The edition referred not to the packet design, but to the images on the reels within; a given title may have gone through several packet style revisions but still remain the same edition because the reel images remained unchanged. Most, but not all, S6 packets had an edition mark.

Sawyer's began to shrink-wrap View-Master packets in spring 1964, a practice that continued until the end of envelope-based packaging in the early 1980s. Virtually all S6 packets, and the large remaining inventory of S5 packets at the time, were originally issued in shrink-wrap. Such packets are occasionally still found today fully sealed, their contents untouched since they were shipped from View-Master's Portland facility.



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