SU Packet Style

circa 1958-1966

SU front SU back
front back

The "Sawyer's Universal" variant was a generic packet design, used as a stop-gap when a new or revised packet needed to be shipped but new cover artwork had not yet been created.

The packet front featured a stylized View-Master reel with random images in each cell, unrelated to the packet subject; at the center of the reel was a general slogan, such as "Scenic America Series " or, simply, "View-Master." Only the typography was related to the packet contents; this included the packet title and number on the front and, on the reverse, a description of the packet contents. The background color of the front title area was orange; the background color in the lower portion of the envelope front typically was olive green often verging on grey, but pale yellow examples are also known.

SU packets were contemporaneous with the S4, S5, and S6 variants and share the physical and design characteristics of standard packets from the period in which they were issued (the example above is analogous to an S5 packet).

Also known, but very uncommon, are SU-style envelopes with no title or number in the upper-front orange area and no text on the reverse. These may have been blanks provided to View-Master dealers for repackaging of damaged packet stock or for assembling older single reel stock to sell as 3-reel sets.



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