GAF Album (Europe)

circa early/middle 1970s


album front album back
front back


The GAF album format was distributed only in the European market and was approximately contemporaneous with the North American G3 variant.

The cardstock album was a double gatefold design about 20cm wide and 21cm high when closed (some collectors refer to the package as an "8x8" packet-folder or album due to its Imperial dimensions, 8 inches wide and 8.25 inches high when closed). Inside, the reels were held in three plastic slots on the central panel; narratives for each of the twenty-one scenes were provided on the other three interior panels, seven per panel.

album interior

album detail Both the front and back of the album displayed a lower-case GAF logo and the curvilinear View-Master logo found on conventional Belgian-issue packet envelopes of the era.

album detail The packet number appeared on the back in the lower left quadrant.



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