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Notes for Blisterpacks

B344 Holly Hobbie (U.S. issue?)

This title in known to have been issued with reels B3441, 002-147, & 002-148 accompanied, unusually for a blisterpack, by a ©1968 booklet. John Saddy offered a specimen in his Auction #99VM-4 (September 1999).

BD210-E The Royal Wedding, London, July 29, 1981

Issued both as part of a Gift Set and as a separate blisterpack. The Gift Set comprised the three reels, a royal purple Model 10 viewer, and a cardboard "crown," all in a clear plastic tub.

2362 Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Issued as part of a Gift Set and may never have been available separately as a blisterpack. The Gift Set comprised the three reels (©1979, originally issued in the G6 variant packet #K57), a View-Master viewer, a booklet, a 3-D poster with 3-D glasses, and an order form to obtain three additional posters.



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