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Military Training Reels


During World War II the U.S. Armed Forces commissioned View-Master reels for use in various training activities.


Anti-Aircraft Range Estimation

For 20mm guns; printed with green ink.

Title Known Variant(s)
Study Reels
AA-1 U.S.A. PBY-5 hand-lettered (buff)
AA-2 ?
AA-3 U.S.A. B-24D HB
AA-4 U.K. Sunderland
AA-5 ?
AA-6 ?
AA-7 ?
AA-8 ?
AA-9 ?
AA-10 German DO 217
AA-12 Japanese Zeke
AA-13 U.S.A. F4U
AA-14 ?
AA-15 ?
AA-16 U.S.A. P-47
AA-17 U.S.A. P-38
AA-18 ?
AA-19 ?
AA-20 U.S.A. OS2U-I
AA-29 U.S.N. SB2C-1
AA-36 U.S.A. PBY-5
AA-48 U.S.N. F4U-F
AA-57 U.S.A. A-20 M8
AA-64 U.S.N. SB2C-1
AA-66 Japanese Judy
AA-67 Japanese Judy
AA-73 U.S.A. B24D HB
AA-81 Jap. Sally M8
AA-83 U.S.A. F4U F
AA-85 U.S.A. P-51
AA-106 U.S.N. FM-2
AA-107 U.S.A. P-40
AA-108 U.S.N. SC-1
AA-110 U.S.N. PBM
AA-111 U.S.N. PB 4Y-2
AA-112 U.S.A. C-46
AA-113 U.S.A. C-47
AA-114 U.S.A. C-54
AA-115 U.S.A. B-29
AA-116 U.S.A. A-26
AA-117 U.S.A. P-61
AA-118 U.S.A. L-5
AA-119 U.K. Mosquito
AA-120 U.K. Hurricane
AA-121 U.K. Barracuda
AA-122 U.K. Typhoon
AA-123 U.K. Firefly
AA-124 U.K. Swordfish
AA-125 Jap. Nick
AA-126 Jap. Tony
AA-127 Jap. Jake
AA-128 Jap. Dinah
AA-130 Jap. Emily
AA-131 Jap. Jack
AA-132 Jap. Tojo
AA-133 Jap. Oscar-2
AA-134 Jap. Irving
AA-135 Jap. Paul
AA-136 Jap. Myrt
AA-137 Jap. Jill
AA-138 Jap. Frances
AA-139 Jap. Pete
AA-140 Jap. Ruff
Test Reels
AA-25 ? hand-lettered (buff)
AA-26 ?
AA-28 ?
AA-29 ?


Anti-Aircraft Range Estimation

For 1.1 inch & 20mm guns; printed with red ink.

Title Known Variant(s)
Study Reels
AA-141 U.S.N. FM-2 hand-lettered (buff)
AA-142 U.S.A. P-40
AA-143 U.S.N. SC-1
AA-144 U.S.N. F7F-2
AA-145 U.S.N. PBM
AA-146 U.S.N. PB4Y-2
AA-147 U.S.A. C-46
AA-148 U.S.A. C-47
AA-149 U.S.A. C-54
AA-150 U.S.A. B-29
AA-151 U.S.A. A-26
AA-152 U.S.A. P-61
AA-153 U.S.A. L-5
AA-154 U.K. Mosquito
AA-155 U.K. Hurricane
AA-156 U.K. Barracuda
AA-157 U.K. Typhoon
AA-158 U.K. Firefly
AA-159 U.K. Swordfish
AA-160 Jap. Nick
AA-161 Jap. Tony
AA-162 Jap. Jake
AA-163 Jap. Dinah
AA-164 Jap. Helen
AA-165 Jap. Emily
AA-166 Jap. Jack
AA-167 Jap. Tojo
AA-168 Jap. Oscar-2
AA-169 Jap. Irving
AA-170 Jap. Paul
AA-171 Jap. Myrt
AA-172 Jap. Jill
AA-173 Jap. Frances
AA-174 Jap. Pete
AA-175 Jap. Rufe
Test Reels
  • FW 190 Ger.
  • P-51 U.S.
  • SB2C-1 U.S.
  • B-25 U.S.
  • Zeke Jap.
  • Betty Jap.
  • ME 109F Ger.
hand-lettered (buff)
  • FW 190 Ger.
  • P-51 U.S.
  • SB2C-1 U.S.
  • B-25 U.S.
  • Zeke Jap.
  • Betty Jap.
  • ME 109F Ger.
AA-30 ?


Army Air Forces Flying Training Command

Produced by the Jam Handy Organization
Detroit, Mich.
Contract No.W535ac35394
Date: 12-1-42

  • In the center of each disc the name, nationality, wingspan, and length of the plane is shown.
  • The window shows the range and approach angle.
  • The ring sight has a diameter of 70 mils.

(see also below)

Title Known Variant(s)
U.S. Aircraft
No.1 P-39 hand-lettered (buff)
No.2 P-40
No.3 P-51
No.4 P-47
No.5 ?
No.6 A-24
No.7 ?
No.8 A-20
No.9 A-29
No.10 B-25
No.11 B-26
No.12 B-17
No.13 B-24
Italian Aircraft
No.15 Macchi C-2000 hand-lettered (buff)
No.16 Regiane RE-2000
No.17 ?
No.18 Fiat BR-20
No.19 Cantiere Z-1007
No.20 ?
No.21 Riaggio P-32
No.22 Savoia Marchetti 79
No.23 Caproni CA-133
British Aircraft
No.26 Hurricane hand-lettered (buff)
No.27 Spitfire
No.28 Whirlwind
No.29 Bealfighter I
No.30 Bealfighter II
No.31 Fulmar
No.32 ROC
No.33 Defiant
No.34 Wellington II
No.35 Wellington III
No.36 Stirling
No.37 Halifax
No.38 Manchester
No.39 Blenheim IV
No.40 Whitley
No.41 Hampden
No.42 Beaufort
No.43 Albacore
No.44 Swordfish
No.45 Skua
No.46 Sunderland
Russian Aircraft
No.48 IL-2 hand-lettered (buff)
No.49 PE-2
No.50 DB-3F
Japanese Aircraft
No.51 Mitsubishi 00 hand-lettered (buff)
No.52 '97' Fighter
No.53 Mitsubishi 96
No.54 Mitsubishi 97
No.55 Aichi 99
No.56 Nakajima 97
No.57 Mitsubishi 98
No.58 Kawasaki 97
German Aircraft
No.59 Messerschmitt 109F hand-lettered (buff)
No.60 Messerschmitt 109E
No.61 Focke Wulf 190
No.62 Heinkel 112
No.63 Heinkel 113
No.64 Messerschmitt 110
No.65 Focke Wulf 187
No.66 Focke Wulf 189
No.67 ?
No.68 ?
No.69 Junkers 52
No.70 Junkers 90
No.71 Heinkel 111K
No.72 Dornier 172
No.73 Dornier 215
No.74 ?
No.75 Junkers 86K
No.76 Focke Wulf 200K
No.77 Junkers 88A-6
No.78 Junkers 87-B


Army Air Forces "Cones of Fire"

AAF Specification No.24908,
Order No.44-6535-AF, W33-038 AC-3039
photography & development by Three Dimension Co., Chicago Ill.

Title Known Variant(s)
#1 ? hand-lettered (buff) ©1944
#2 ?
#3 ?
#4 ?
#5 ?
#6 ?
#7 ?
#8 ?
#9 ?


Fixed Gunnery Deflection

Specification 24900,
Order No.44-6482-AF, W33-038 AC-3010
photography by Transfilm Inc., New York

Title Known Variant(s)
AA-1 ? hand-lettered (buff) ©1944
AA-2 ?
AA-3 ?
AA-4 ?
AA-5 ?
AA-6 ?
AA-7 ?
AA-8 ?
AA-9 ?
AA-10 ?
AA-12 ?
AA-13 ?
AA-14 ?
AA-15 ?
AA-16 ?
AA-17 ?
AA-18 ?
AA-19 ?
AA-20 ?


Ship-to-Ship Identification

Nationality Title/Subject Known Variant(s)
Study No.1 German von Tirpitz hand-lettered (buff)
Study No.2 Prinz Eugen
Study No.3 Admiral Scheer
Study No.4 The Köln
Study No.5 The Nürnberg
Study No.6 The Roeder Class
Study No.7 The Maasz
Study No.8 Japanese Kongo Class
Study No.9 Fuso Class
Study No.10 ?
Study No.11 Nagato Class
Study No.12 Nachi Class
Study No.13 Agato Class
Study No.14 Mogami Class
Study No.15 Tone Class
Study No.16 Sendai Class
Study No.17 Natori Class
Study No.18 Fubuki Class
Study No.19 Hatsuharu Class
Study No.20 Asashio Class
Study No.21 Mutsuki Class
Night Study No.1 German 7 Ships at Night, 1 View of Each:
  • von Tirpitz
  • Prinz Eugen
  • Admiral Scheer
  • Köln
  • Nürnberg
  • Roeder Class
  • Maasz
Night Study No.2 Japanese 7 Ships at Night, 1 View of Each:
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
Night Study No.3 7 Ships at Night, 1 View of Each:
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
Test No.1 German 7 Ships, 1 View of Each:
  • von Tirpitz
  • Prinz Eugen
  • Admiral Scheer
  • Köln
  • Nürnberg
  • Roeder Class
  • Maasz Class
Test No.2 Japanese 7 Ships, 1 View of Each:
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
Test No.3 7 Ships, 1 View of Each:
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?


Naval Aviation Gunner Training

"Stereoscopic Range Estimator"
Naval Aviation Training Division,
Bureau of Aeronautics,
United States Navy

These reels were distributed in at least three differently-configured sets:

  • a 50-reel boxed set containing reels s1-s25 & t1-t25;
  • a 100-reel boxed set containing reels s1-s50 & t1-t50 with two Model B viewers;
  • a 150-reel boxed set containing reels s1-s75 & t1-t75 with two Model B viewers.
Title Known Variant(s)
Study Reels
s1 Lockheed "Lightning," P38E, U.S. Army Fighter hand-lettered (buff)
s2 Republic "Thunderbolt," P-47B, U.S. Army fighter
s3 North American "Mustang," P-51, U.S. Army Fighter
s4 Lockheed "Hudson," A-29, U.S. Army Attack
s5 Martin "Baltimore," A-30, U.S. Army Attack
s6 Vultee "Vengeance," A-31, U.S. Army Attack
s7 North American "Mitchell," B-25B, U.S. Army Medium Bomber
s8 Martin "Marauder," B-26B-1, U.S. Army Medium Bomber
s9 Consolidated "Liberator," B-24, U.S. Army Heavy Bomber
s10 Curtiss O-52, U.S. Army Observation
s11 Grumman "Wildcat," F4F-4, U.S. Navy Fighter
s12 Vought-Sikorsky "Corsair," F4U-1, U.S. Navy Fighter
s13 Curtiss "Helldiver," SB2C-1 (Lakdpl.), U.S. Navy Scout Bomber
s14 Douglas "Dauntless," SBD-3-4, U.S. Navy Scout Bomber
s15 Vought-Sikorsky "Vindicator," SB2U-3 (Lakdpl.), U.S Navy Scout Bomber
s16 Grumman "Avenger," TBF1, U.S. Navy Torpedo Bomber
s17 Curtiss "Seagull," SO3C-1 (Seapl), U.S. Navy Scout Observation
s18 Vought-Sikorsky "Kingfisher," OS5U-1, U.S. Navy Observation Scout
s19 North American "Texan," SNJ-2, U.S. Adv. Trainer
s20 Consolidated "Catalina," PBY-S, U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
s21 Consolidated "Coronado," PB2Y-3, U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
s22 Martin "Mariner," PBM-3, U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
s23 Hawker "Hurricane," Hurricane I, II, British Fighter
s24 Vickers-Armstrong "Spitfire," Spitfire V, British Fighter
s25 Short "Stirling," British Heavy Bomber
s26 Focke Wulf "Zerstörer," Fw.187, German Fighter
s27 Heinkel "He.113," German Fighter
s28 Messerschmitt "Me.109F," German Fighter
s29 Messerschmitt "Me.110," German Fighter
s30 Focke Wulf Fw.189 "Flying Eye," German Observation
s31 Junkers "Stuka," Ju.87B, German Dive Bomber
s32 Heinkel "He.IIIK," German Torpedo Bomber
s33 Junkers "Ju.88A-1," German Medium Bomber
s34 Mitsubishi (Nakajima) "Claude," Type 96 NF, Japanese Fighter
s35 Mitsubishi "Zero-Zeke," Type00 INF, Japanese Fighter
s36 Nakajima (Mitsubishi) "Abdul," Type 97 ANF, Japanese Fighter
s37 Aichi "Val," Type 99 NDB, Japanese Dive Momber
s38 Kawasaki "Mary," Type 97 ALB, Japanese Light Bomber
s39 Mitsubishi "Babs," Type 97 ALB, Japanese Light Bomber
s40 Mitsubishi "Ida," Type 98 ALB, Japanese Light Bomber
s41 Mitsubishi "Sonia," Type 96 ALB-R, Japanese Light Bomber Rec.
s42 Nakajima (Mitsubishi) "Kate," Type 97 NTB, Japanese Torpedo Bomber
s43 Nakajima "Adam," Type 97 NFB, Japanese Obs. Seaplane
s44 Kawasaki "Dick," Type 98 ANF, Japanese Fighter
s45 Mitsubishi "Ruth," Fait Be20 (Type 96 AMS), Japanese Medium Bomber
s46 Mitsubishi "Nell," Type 98 NMB, Japanese Medium Bomber
s47 Mitsubishi "Sally," Type 98 ANMB, Japanese Medium Bomber
s48 Polikarpov I-16 "Mosca," Russian Fighter
s49 Petlyakov "Pe-2," Russian Light Bomber
s50 Stormovik "Il-2," Russian Dive Bomber
s51 Fiat "Fiat G-50," Italian Fighter
s52 Bristol "Blenheim," IV, British Medium Bomber
s53 Boeing "Flying Fortress," B-17G, U.S. Army Heavy Bomber
s54 Junkers "Ju.52," German Transport
s55 Short "Sunderland," British Patrol Bomber
s56 Junkers "Ju.90," German Heavy Bomber Transport
s57 Cantiere "Cant.," Z-1007 BIS, Italian Medium Bomber
s58 Focke-Wulf "Fw.190," German Fighter
s59 Dornier "DO 217E," German Medium Bomber
s60 Fairey "Albacore," British Torpedo Reconnaisance
s61 Douglas "Havoc" or "Boston," U.S. Army Light Bomber
s62 Nakajima "Dave," Type 95 R-FP, Japanese Reconnaissance
s63 Mitsubishi "Topsy," Type MC-20-T, Japanese Transport
s64 Bell "Airacobra," P-39, U.s. Army Fighter
s65 Vickers-Armstrong "Wellington Mk.III," British Medium Bomber
s66 Bristol "Beaufort," British Light Bomber
s67 Bristol "Beaufighter II," British Fighter
s68 Savoia-Marchetti "SM-79," Italian Medium Bomber
s69 Savoia-Marchetti "SM-82," Italian Medium Bomber
s70 Cantiere "Cant Z-506B," Italian Torpedo Bomber
s71 Fiat "Fiat CR-42," Italian Fighter
s72 Handley-Paige "Halifax," British Heavy Bomber
s73 Mikoyan-Gurevich "MiG-3," Russian Fighter
s74 Fairey "Barracuda," British Torpedo Bomber
s75 Aurd "Lancaster I," British Heavy Bomber
Test Reels
t1 7 Planes:
  • Mitsubishi "Sonia"
  • Nakajima "Kate"
  • Mistubishi Zero
  • Nakajima "Abdul"
  • Mitsubishi "Ida"
  • Mitsubishi "Sally"
  • Aichi "Val"
hand-lettered (buff)
t8 ?
t9 7 Planes:
  • "II-2" Sturmovik
  • "Ruth" Mitsubishi
  • "Hudson" Lockheed A-29
  • "Flying Eye" Focke Wulf FW-189
  • "Babs" Mitsubishi
  • "Nell" Mitsubishi
  • "Mary" Kawasaki
t15 7 Planes:
  • Coronado PB2Y
  • Mustang P-51
  • B-24 Liberator
  • Vought F4U Corsair
  • Focke Wulf Fw.187
  • Messerschmitt Me.110
  • Heinkel He.113
t21 ?
t22 7 Planes:
  • SB2 Helldiver
  • Marauder
  • AT-6 Texan
  • Douglas Dauntless
  • Grumman Avenger
  • Vultee Vengeance
  • Martin A30 Baltimore
t24 ?
t25 7 Planes:
  • SB2 Helldiver
  • Marauder
  • AT-6 Texan
  • Douglas Dauntless
  • Grumman Avenger
  • Vultee Vengeance
  • Martin A30 Baltimore
t29 7 Planes:
  • Curtiss Seagull
  • Kawasaki Dick
  • Sikorsky Vindicator
  • Short Stirling
  • Messerschmitt Me.109f
  • Curtiss O-52
  • Polikarpov I-16
t36 7 Planes:
  • Nakajima Adam
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • Mitsubishi Claude
  • Martin Mariner
  • Junkers Ju.87 Stuka
  • Petlyakov Pe-2
  • Grumman F4F Wildcat
t40 ?
t41 7 Planes:
  • Curtiss Seagull
  • Kawasaki Dick
  • Sikorsky Vindicator
  • Short Stirling
  • Messerschmitt Me.109f
  • Curtiss O-52
  • Polikarpov I-16
t43 7 Planes:
  • Junkers Ju.88
  • Thunderbolt
  • Lightning
  • Kingfisher
  • Catalina
  • Heinkel He.111
  • North American B-25 Mitchell
t44 ?
t45 7 Planes:
  • Junkers Ju.88
  • Spitfire
  • Lightning
  • Kingfisher
  • Catalina
  • Heinkel He.111
  • North American B-25 Mitchell
t46 ?
t47 7 Planes:
  • Junkers Ju.88
  • Thunderbolt
  • Lightning
  • Kingfisher
  • Spitfire
  • Heinkel He.111
  • North American B-25 Mitchell
t48 7 Planes:
  • Junkers Ju.88
  • Thunderbolt
  • Lightning
  • Spitfire
  • Kingfisher
  • Catalina
  • North American B-25 Mitchell
t49 7 Planes:
  • Junkers Ju.88
  • Thunderbolt
  • Lightning
  • Spitfire
  • Kingfisher
  • Catalina
  • Heinkel He.111
t51 7 Planes:
  • Bell P-39 "Airacobra"
  • Mitsubishi MC-20T "Topsy"
  • Nakajima 95 R-FP "Dave"
  • Fiat G-50 "Fiat"
  • Cantiere Z1007 bis "Cantiere"
  • Junkers "JU 52"
  • Focke-Wulf "FW 190"
t52 ?
t53 ?
t54 ?
t55 7 Planes
t56 ?
t57 ?
t58 7 Planes
t59 ?
t60 ?
t61 ?
t62 ?
t63 ?
t64 ?
t65 ?
  • Dornier DO 217E
  • Savoia-Marchetti SM-79
  • Fairey Albacore
  • Short Sunderland
  • Junkers JU 90
  • Bristol Beaufort
  • Bristol Bealfigher II
t67 ?
t68 ?
t69 ?
t70 ?
t71 ?
t72 ?
t73 ?
t74 ?
t75 ?


Aircraft Reels of Unknown Purpose

The following reels were listed in Dalia Miller's Autumn 1996 catalog. While they seem similar to the Army Air Forces Flying Training Command reels their subjects and numbers differ from other known reels in the AAF set; they may be from a variant edition of the AAF reels or from an altogether different military training series.

Title Known Variant(s)
No.1 Bell P-39 (Army) hand-lettered (buff)
No.21 Northrop A-17A (Army)
No.27 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.28 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.30 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.32 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.35 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.37 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.38 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.43 Foreign Planes - 7 different
No.44 Whitley Bomber
No.48 Bristol Blenheim (bomber)
No.50 Fairey Sea Fox
No.52 Blackburn Skua (Altitude Bomber)
No.54 Short Sunderland
No.66 Junkers - Bomber
No.71 U.S. Planes - 7 different
No.77 U.S. Planes - 7 different
No.78 U.S. Planes - 7 different
No.83 U.S. Planes - 7 different
No.86 U.S. Planes - 7 different



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