The View-Master Ultimate Reel List

"Reel Pack" Reels


In the mid-1960s Sawyer's began tentatively to exploit the large View-Master back-catalog by issuing a series of "Reel Packs," collections of seven reels sold in long cellophane-fronted cardstock packages. GAF greatly expanded the practice throughout the 1970s by marketing reel collections in flat plastic cannisters or packaged with a viewer or projector in cylindrical tubs.

Essentially re-issues, Reel Pack reels carried the prefix "RP" either appended to the numbers of previously-issued reels or as part of newly-assigned numbers. RP reels were either reproductions in whole of earlier single or packet reels or compilations of individual scenes from earlier reels; previously unissued images occasionally may have been included. Many individual scenes and whole reels were used in Reel Packs more than once and were issued with different RP numbers.

Occasionally RP reels are discovered today in their original Reel Pack package or combined viewer/projector sets; more often, however, they are found as loose reels lacking even protective sleeves, which were not originally provided. Titles for reelpack sets, where known, are provided parenthetically.

Known RP reels are listed here in four categories:

Copyright typically applies to a reel's content and correlates with its original View-Master issuance rather than its re-appearance in the RP series.


"RP" Reels with Numbers Adapted from Single Reels

Title Known Variant(s) Subject(s)
RP-111 Redwood Highway typeset (Sawyer's) California
RP-251 Carlsbad Caverns National Park National Parks
New Mexico
RP-800 Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd in "The Hunter" typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
Movies & TV
RP-5375 Tropical Tahiti typeset (Sawyer's) Society Islands
South Pacific


"RP" Reels with Numbers Adapted from Unnumbered Packets

Title Known Variant(s) Subject(s)
RP-501A Mexico City typeset ©1957 (Sawyer's) Mexico
Central America
RP-844B Goofy in "Traveling Cameraman in Yosemite" typeset ©1957 (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
Movie/TV Animation
RP-890A Butterflies typeset (Sawyer's) Insects
RP-895A Wild Birds of North America typeset ©1955 (Sawyer's) Animals
RP-990B Wonders of the Deep typeset (Sawyer's) Marine Life
RP-1403B Paris typeset ©1959 (Sawyer's) France
RP-3300A Egypt typeset (Sawyer's) Egypt
RP-4900A Japan Japan


"RP" Reels with Numbers Adapted from Numbered Packets

Title Known Variant(s) Subject(s)
RP-A0041 Banff National Park typeset (Sawyer's) Canada
RP-A0501 Quebec, Canada
RP-A1202 Hawaii typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-A1231 Honolulu & Waikiki, Oahu? typeset (Sawyer's) Hawaii?
RP-A1582 Hoover Dam Nevada
RP-A1702 California California
RP-1A1704 California
RP-A1711 Yosemite National Park National Parks
RP-A1721 San Francisco? California?
RP-A1733 San Diego Zoo California
RP-A1751 Disneyland: Main Street U.S.A. Theme Parks
RP-A1754 Disneyland: The Magic Kingdom typeset (GAF)
RP-A1761 Disneyland: Frontierland typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-A1772 Disneyland: Adventureland
RP-A1781 Disneyland: Fantasyland
RP-A1791 Disneyland: Tomorrowland
RP-A2491 Columbia River Gorge Oregon
RP-A2711 Mt. Rainier National Park National Parks
RP-A3061 Yellowstone National Park National Parks
RP-A3062 typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-A3211 Pikes Peak typeset (Sawyer's) Colorado
RP-A3222 Rocky Mountain National Park National Parks
RP-A3613 Grand Canyon National Park National Parks
RP-A3631 Painted Desert Arizona
RP-A3654 Petrified Forest National Park & Painted Desert National Parks
RP-A4493 Ozark Mountains Arkansas
RP-A4873 Mt. Rushmore National Monument National Parks
South Dakota
RP-A5511 Chicago? Illinois?
RP-A6111 New England Covered Bridges & Fall Foliage typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
U.S. Miscellanea
RP-A6491 New York City? typeset (Sawyer's) New York?
RP-A7901 Washington, D.C.? District of Columbia?
RP-A8551 Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina
RP-A8893 Great Smoky Mountains National Park National Parks
North Carolina
RP-A9462 New Orleans Louisiana
RP-1A9604 Florida Florida
RP-A9631 Miami
RP-AVB-5363 Peanuts typeset (GAF) Juvenalia
RP-AVP-3092 Snoopy
RP-AVP-3094 Star Trek (animated) Movie/TV Animation
RP-B0012 Mexico typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
Central America
RP-B0021 Mexico City typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-B0863 Peru Peru
South America
RP-B0963 Africa, Cairo to Capetown Africa
RP-B1712 Spain Spain
RP-B1851 Switzerland Switzerland
RP-B1903 Holland Holland
RP-B1931 Germany Germany
RP-B2062 Athens Greece
RP-B2263 The Holy Land Israel
Middle East
RP-B2351 India India
RP-B2511 Hong Kong Hong Kong
RP-B3009 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Fairy Tales
RP-B3051 The Little Mermaid typeset ©1958 (Sawyer's) Juvenalia
RP-B3052 The Steadfast Tin Soldier typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-B3088 Sleeping Beauty typeset ©1959 (Sawyer's) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
RP-B3091 Aesop's Fables typeset (Sawyer's) Fairy Tales
RP-B3092 typeset ©1959 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1959 (GAF)
RP-B3093 typeset ©1960 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1960 (GAF)
RP-B3102 The Three Little Pigs typeset ©1955 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1955? (GAF)
RP-B3121 The Elves & the Shoemaker typeset ©1960 (Sawyer's)
RP-B3122 Bremen Town Musicians typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-B3123 Rumpelstiltskin
RP-B3131 Cinderella typeset ©1953 (Sawyer's)
RP-B3133 The Pied Piper typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-B3141 Jack & the Beanstalk
RP-B3142 The Ugly Ducking typeset ©1957 (Sawyer's)
RP-B3143 Hansel & Gretel typeset ©1952 (Sawyer's)
RP-B3151 Pinocchio (dioramas) typeset (Sawyer's) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
RP-B3152 Lady & the Tramp (dioramas) typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-B3153 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (dioramas)
RP-B3168 The Sword in the Stone typeset ©1963 (Sawyer's)
RP-B3178 Goldilocks & the Three Bears typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
Fairy Tales
RP-B3179 typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-B3191 The Little Red Hen
RP-B3192 Thumbelina
RP-B3618 The Wizard of Oz typeset ©1957 (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-B3619 typeset ©1957 (Sawyer's)
RP-B3728 Peter Pan typeset (Sawyer's) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
RP-B3768 Mary Poppins typeset ©1964 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1964 (GAF)
Movies & TV
RP-B4008 Bambi typeset (GAF) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
RP-B4009 typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-B5082 Andy Panda typeset (Sawyer's) Movie/TV Animation
RP-B5083 Chilly Willy in "Flying Penguin" typeset ©1964 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-B5092 Knothead & Splinter? typeset (GAF)
RP-B5111 Tom & Jerry?
RP-B5112 Droopy typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-B5113 Droopy? typeset (GAF)
RP-B5121 Huckleberry Hound Lands on the Moon typeset ©1960 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1960? (GAF)
RP-B5121-S typeset ©1960 (GAF)
RP-B5122 Yogi Bear in "Patron of the Arts" typeset ©1960 (Sawyer's)
RP-B5123 Huckleberry Hound in "Project Green Thumb"
RP-B5124 Huckleberry Hound in "Pop Goes Yogi" typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1962? (GAF)
RP-B5131 Top Cat in "Medal for Meddling" typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's)
RP-B5133 Top Cat in "No Cat Fishing" typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1962? (GAF)
RP-B5142 The Flintstones in "Fred's Invention" typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's)
RP-B5143 The Flintstones in "Wilma Learns to Drive" typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1962? (GAF)
RP-B5201 The Flintstones in "Pebbles' Air Ride" typeset ©1964 (Sawyer's)
RP-B5202 The Flintstones' Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm in "The Sea Monster"
RP-B5203 The Flintstones in "Pebbles' Tiger Hunt" typeset ©1964 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1964? (GAF)
RP-B5251 Donald Duck in "Sky Hammock" typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
Movie/TV Animation
RP-B5252 Donald Duck in "Flying Saucer Pilots"
RP-B5253 Uncle Scrooge in "Donald's Gold Mine" typeset (Sawyer's)
RP-B5281 Mickey Mouse in "The Brave Little Tailor" typeset ©1958 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1958 (GAF)
RP-B5282 Mickey Mouse in "Pluto, the Pointer"
RP-B5283 Mickey Mouse in "The Toy Shop" typeset, w/o © (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1958 (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-B5311 Bugs Bunny typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
Movie/TV Animation
RP-B5312 Daffy Duck
RP-B5333 Casper the Friendly Ghost in "The Falling Star" typeset ©1961 (Sawyer's)
RP-B5341 Quick Draw McGraw in "Chattanooga Chief" typeset ©1961 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1961 (GAF)
RP-B5342 Quick Draw McGraw in "Not My Brand" typeset ©1961 (Sawyer's)
RP-B5343 Quick Draw McGraw in "Fool's Gold" typeset ©1961 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1961 (GAF)
RP-B6112 Wild Birds of North America typeset ©1955? (GAF) Animals
RP-B6121 Wonders of the Deep typeset (Sawyer's) Marine Life
RP-B6141 Wild Animals of Africa typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-B6143 Wild Animals of Africa & the Arctic typeset ©1958 (Sawyer's) Animals
RP-B6151 Strange Animals of South America & Asia typeset ©1958 (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
South America
RP-B6152 Strange Animals of Australia & Africa Animals
RP-B6173 Children's Zoo, San Diego typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-B6181 Wild Animals of the Americas Animals
North America
Central America
South America
RP-B6182 Wild Animals of Antarctica Animals
RP-B6301 Alpine Wild Flowers typeset (Sawyer's) Plant Life
RP-B9011 Seven Ancient Wonders of the World typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's) Historical Subjects
RP-1B9021 Scenic U.S.A. typeset (Sawyer's) U.S. Miscellanea
Tour of the U.S.A.
RP-1B9022 Washington D.C. typeset ©1964 (Sawyer's) District of Columbia
Our Nation's Capitol
RP-1B9023 Famous World Cities typeset ©1957 (Sawyer's) World Miscellanea
RP-1B9024 People from Other Lands typeset ©1964? (Sawyer's)
RP-1B9025 Wild Animals of the World typeset ©1958 (Sawyer's) Animals
World Miscellanea
RP-C0291 Rome typeset ©1959 (Sawyer's) Italy
RP-C1783 The Louvre Museum typeset (Sawyer's) Museums
RP-C2771 London England
Great Britain
RP-K26-A Muppets typeset (GAF) Movies & TV


"RP" Reels with Original Numbers

Title Known Variant(s) Subject(s)
? ? ? Movie/TV Animation
(Fred Flintstone & Friends, #2728)
RP-1001 Seven Ancient Wonders of the World typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1962 (GAF)
Historical Subjects
RP-1002 Tour of the Scenic U.S.A. typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
U.S. Miscellanea
RP-1003 Historic Washington D.C. District of Columbia
RP-1004 Niagara Falls Canada
New York
RP-1005 U.S. National Parks National Parks
U.S. Miscellanea
RP-1006 Beautiful Canada Canada
RP-1007 Fascinating Mexico Mexico
RP-1008 Famous World Cities World Miscellanea
RP-1009 European Tours Europe
RP-1010 Scenes of India India
RP-1011 People of Other Lands World Miscellanea
RP-1012 Wild Animals of the World Animals
World Miscellanea
RP-1013 David & Goliath (dioramas) typeset ©1966 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1966 (GAF)
Religious Subjects
RP-1014 Aesop's Fables (dioramas) typeset ©1959 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1959 (GAF)
RP-1015 The Story of Cinderella (dioramas) typeset ©1953 (Sawyer's)
typeset ©1953 (GAF)
Fairy Tales
RP-1016 Disneyland: Main Street U.S.A. typeset (GAF) Theme Parks
RP-1017 Disneyland: Fantasyland
RP-1018 Disneyland: It's a Small World & Primeval World
RP-1019 Disneyland: New Orleans Square
RP-1020 Disneyland: Adventureland
RP-1021 Disneyland: Frontierland
RP-1022 Disneyland: Tomorrowland
RP-1030 Travel Wonders of America, East typeset (GAF) U.S. Miscellanea
RP-1031 Travel Wonders of America, West
RP-1032 Travel Wonders of Our National Parks National Parks
U.S. Miscellanea
RP-1033 Travel Wonders American Cities U.S. Miscellanea
RP-1034 Travel Wonders American History Historical Subjects
U.S. Miscellanea
RP-1035 The Continent of South America South America
RP-1036 The Continent of Africa Africa
RP-1037 The Continent of Europe Europe
RP-1038 The Continent of Asia Asia
RP-1039 The Lands of the Pacific South Pacific
RP-1040 Peter Pan typeset ©1957 (GAF) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
(Walt Disney Character Theatre, #2425)
RP-1041 101 Dalmations typeset ©1961 (GAF)
RP-1042 The Jungle Book typeset ©1966 (GAF)
RP-1044 Winnie the Pooh typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-1045 Donald Duck in "Flying Saucer Pilots" typeset (GAF)
RP-1046 Mickey Mouse in "The Brave Little Tailor" typeset ©1958 (GAF)
RP-1047 Bambi typeset (GAF)
RP-1048 Cinderella typeset ©1965 (GAF)
RP-1050 ABC Wide World of Sports: Boxing typeset ©1970 (GAF) Sports
RP-1051 ABC Wide World of Sports: Gymnastics Match Competition typeset ©1971 (GAF)
RP-1052 ABC Wide World of Sports: Moto-Cross typeset ©1970 (GAF)
RP-1053 ABC Wide World of Sports: Pendleton Round-up
RP-1054 ABC Wide World of Sports: Automobile Racing
RP-1055 ABC Wide World of Sports: Little League World Series
RP-1056 ABC Wide World of Sports: Swimming & Diving Meet
RP-1057 ABC Wide World of Sports: World Bobsled
RP-1058 ABC Wide World of Sports: NCAA Track & Field typeset ©1971 (GAF)
RP-1059 ABC Wide World of Sports: Tournament of Thrills Auto Daredevil Show typeset (GAF)
RP-1060 Cinderella typeset (GAF) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
(Disney Theatre)
RP-1061 Disneyland, Anaheim, California
Disney Theatre
RP-1062 Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida
Disney World Theatre
RP-1063 Mickey Mouse with Donald Duck & Goofy in "Clock Cleaners" typeset ©1971 (GAF)
RP-1064 Winnie the Pooh typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-1065 Donald Duck in "Flying Saucer Pilots" typeset (GAF)
RP-1066 The Aristocats typeset ©1970 (GAF)
RP-1067 Bambi typeset (GAF)
RP-1068 Pinocchio
RP-1069 The Jungle Book typeset ©1966 (GAF)
RP-1070 Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer in "Commander in Chief" typeset ©1955 (GAF) Christmas
RP-1071 Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer & Uncle Bigby the Blue-Nosed Reindeer
RP-1072 The Littlest Angel typeset ©1957 (GAF)
RP-1074 Snoopy? typeset ©1957 (GAF) Juvenalia
RP-1075 Snoopy & the Red Baron
RP-1076 Lassie, Look Homeward typeset ©1965 (GAF) Movies & TV
RP-1078 Raggedy Ann & Andy in "Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson" typeset ©1971 (GAF) Juvenalia
RP-1079 Raggedy Ann & Andy in "Raggedy Andy Arrives"
RP-1080 Superman Meets Computer Crook typeset ©1970 (GAF) Comic Books/Comic Strips
RP-1084 The Wonderful World of Peanuts, "Good Grief, Beethoven" typeset ©1966 (GAF) Juvenalia
RP-1085 The Wonderful World of Peanuts, "Throw It Home, Snoopy!"
RP-1087 ? typeset (GAF) ?
RP-1088 ? ?
RP-1107 Lost City & Lost World typeset (GAF) South America
RP-1108 Oxcarts & Resort Hotels Mexico
Central America
RP-1109 Eskimos & Skyscrapers Alaska
RP-1101 ? typeset World Miscellanea
('Round the World Theatre)
RP-1102 ?
RP-1103 ?
RP-1104 ?
RP-1105 ?
RP-1106 ?
RP-1107 ?
RP-1108 ?
RP-1109 ?
RP-1110 ?
RP-1111 Snoopy? ? ?
RP-1112 Snoopy? ? ?
RP-1113 The Partridge Family typeset ©1971 (GAF) Movies & TV
RP-1114 typeset ©1971? (GAF)
RP-1115 The Night Before Christmas? ? ?
RP-1116 The Night Before Christmas? ? ?
RP-1117 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer typeset (GAF) Christmas
RP-1119 Beep Beep the Road Runner typeset (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
RP-1122 ? typeset (GAF) ?
RP-1123 Scooby Doo in "That's Snow Ghost" typeset ©1972 (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
RP-1125 Bambi typeset (GAF) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
RP-1127 Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-1129 Disney on Parade typeset ©1970 (GAF) Disney
RP-1132 Batman in "The Purr-fect Crime" typeset ©1976 (GAF) Movies & TV
RP-1140 Woody Woodpecker in "The Bill Collector" typeset ©1955 (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
RP-1141 Snoopy & the Red Baron typeset ©1969 (GAF) Juvenalia
(Charlie Brown Theatre)
RP-1143 Throw It Home, Snoopy! typeset ©1966 (GAF)
RP-1144 Good Grief, Beethoven!
RP-1145 The Hazards of Kite Flying typeset ©1972 (GAF)
RP-1146 Summer Fun
RP-1147 Vampire Days & Nights
RP-1148 Snoopy's First Rejection typeset ©1973 (GAF)
RP-1149 Snoopy in "Hot Dog"
RP-1150 Snoopy in "The Easter Beagle"
RP-1151 Scooby Doo in "That's Snow Ghost" typeset ©1972 (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
RP-1152 Disney on Parade typeset (GAF) Disney
RP-1153 Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids typeset ©1972 (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
RP-1154 Robin Hood typeset ©1973 (GAF) Disney
RP-1155 Batman in "The Purr-fect Crime" typeset ©1966 (GAF) Movies & TV
RP-1157 Forging a Nation: 1787-1889 typeset ©1974 (GAF) U.S. Miscellanea
(America's Bicentennial)
RP-1158 Forging a Nation: 1787-1886 typeset (GAF)
RP-1159 The Civil War: 1861-1865 typeset ©1974 (GAF)
RP-1160 Landmarks of American History
RP-1161 Westward Expansion: 1775-1897
RP-1163 The Revolutionary War: 1773-1783
RP-1165 The 20th Century: 1901-1970
RP-1167 Aquaman in "The Menace of the Land-Sea Beasts" typeset ©1976 (GAF) Comic Books/Comic Strips
RP-1168 Wonder Woman in "Peril Over New York"
RP-1169 Shazam! "The Return of Black Adam" typeset ©1972 (GAF)
RP-1170 typeset ©1972 (GAF)
typeset ©1976 (GAF)
RP-1171 Popeye typeset (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
RP-1172 Casper the Friendly Ghost
RP-1173 Bazooka Joe
RP-1174 Star Trek (animated)
RP-1175 Casper the Friendly Ghost in "The Witch's Broom" typeset ©1961 (GAF)
RP-1176 The Flintstones' Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm in "The Sabertooth Tiger Hunt" typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-1177 Charlotte's Web typeset ©1973 (GAF)
RP-1179 Pluto typeset (GAF) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
RP-1180 Prehistoric Monsters typeset ©1956 (GAF) Animals
RP-1181 Frankenstein typeset ©1976 (GAF) Juvenalia
RP-1183 Land of the Lost typeset ©1974 (GAF) Movies & TV
RP-1184 Aladdin typeset (GAF) Juvenalia
RP-1187 Thumbelina
RP-1189   typeset (GAF?) Movies & TV
(#2739, Cops and Robbers)
RP-2000 Washington, D.C. typeset (GAF) World Miscellanea
(Sears World Library)
RP-2001 New York City
RP-2002 Canada
RP-2003 Puerto Rico
RP-2004 Mexico, Central America
RP-2005 Brasilia, Brazil
RP-2006 The Great Pyramids of Egypt
RP-2007 Athens, Greece
RP-2008 The Philippines
RP-2009 Hawaii
RP-2010 Israel
RP-2011 Italy
RP-2012 Ireland
RP-2013 London, England
RP-2014 Paris, France
RP-2015 Vatican City
RP-2016 Switzerland
RP-2017 Germany
RP-2018 Yellowstone National Park
RP-2019 California
RP-2101 The Scenic Wonders typeset (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
U.S. Miscellanea
(America's Scenic Wonders)
RP-2102 Mountains & Deserts typeset (GAF)
RP-2105 National Parks
RP-2106 Historylands
RP-2111 Animals of North America typeset (GAF) Animals
World Miscellanea
(Animals of the World, #2725)
RP-2112 Animals of Latin America typeset ©1958 (GAF)
RP-2113 Animals of Africa
RP-2114 Animals of Africa & Asia
RP-2115 Animals of Australia & Southeast Asia
RP-2116 Animals of the Arctic
RP-2117 Apes & Monkeys
RP-2122 Planet Building Blocks typeset (GAF) Science
RP-2123 Life Forms Before Man
RP-2141 The Flintstones typeset (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
RP-2142 Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm
RP-2143 The Flintstones
RP-2145 Top Cat
RP-2146 Huckleberry Hound Lands on the Moon typeset ©1960 (GAF)
RP-2147 Yogi Bear in "Patron of the Arts"
RP-2151 Donald Duck in "Sky Hammock" typeset (GAF) Disney
Move/TV Animation
(Disney Cartoon Favorites, #2729)
RP-2152 Mickey Mouse in "Pluto, the Pointer" typeset ©1958 (GAF)
RP-2153 Mickey Mouse in "The Toy Shop"
RP-2154 Uncle Scrooge in "Donald's Gold Mine" typeset (GAF)
RP-2155 Lady & the Tramp
RP-2156 Pluto Tries to be a Circus Dog typeset ©1959 (GAF)
RP-2157 Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-2161 Cinderella typeset ©1965 (GAF) Disney
Move/TV Animation
(Disney Fairy Tales)
RP-2162 The Jungle Book typeset ©1966 (GAF)
RP-2163 Peter Pan typeset ©1957 (GAF)
RP-2164 Pinocchio typeset (GAF)
RP-2165 Sleeping Beauty typeset ©1959 (GAF)
RP-2166 The Sword in the Stone typeset ©1963 (GAF)
RP-2171 Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer typeset ©1955 (GAF) Fairy Tales
(Children's Fables, #2731)
RP-2172 Rumpelstiltskin
RP-2173 Little Red Riding Hood typeset ©1959 (GAF)
RP-2174 Jack & the Beanstalk typeset ©1951 (GAF)
RP-2175 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs typeset ©1955 (GAF)
RP-2176 Aesop's Fable typeset ©1959 (GAF)
RP-2177 Goldilocks & the Three Bears typeset ©1963 (GAF)
RP-2181 Disneyland: Main Street U.S.A. typeset (GAF) Theme Parks
(Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom, #2732)
RP-2182 Disneyland: ?  
RP-2183 Disneyland: Frontierland typeset (GAF)
RP-2184 Disneyland: New Orleans Square  
RP-2185 Disneyland: ?  
RP-2186 Disneyland: ?  
RP-2187 Disneyland: ?  
RP-2191 Casper the Friendly Ghost & Nightmare typeset ©1969 (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
(TV Cartoon Favorites, #2733)
RP-2192 Popeye in "Missile Muscle" typeset ©1962 (GAF)
RP-2193 Snoopy & the Red Baron typeset ©1969 (GAF)
RP-2194 The True Story of Smokey Bear
RP-2196 Tom & Jerry in "Touché Pussycat" typeset ©1956 (GAF)
RP-2197 Beep Beep the Road Runner typeset ©1967 (GAF)
RP-2201 The Beverly Hillbillies typeset (GAF) Movies & TV
RP-2207 The Mod Squad
RP-2208 Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp
RP-2222 Instructional Football typeset ©1970 (GAF) Sports
RP-2224 Instructional Tennis
RP-2225 Instructional Surfing typeset ©1971 (GAF)
RP-2227 Instructional Bowling
RP-2231 Disney World: Main Street U.S.A. typeset (GAF) Theme Parks
(Walt Disney World, The Magic Kingdom #2737?)
RP-2232 Disney World: Adventureland
RP-2233 Disney World: Fantasyland
RP-2234 Disney World: Frontierland
RP-2235 Disney World: Liberty Square
RP-2236 Disney World: Walt Disney Characters
RP-2237 Disney World: The Haunted Mansion
RP-3001 Puss in Boots typeset (GAF) Fairy Tales
RP-3002 The Three Little Pigs typeset ©1955 (GAF)
RP-3003 The Ugly Duckling typeset ©1957 (GAF)
RP-3004 Hansel & Gretel typeset ©1952 (GAF)
RP-3005 Mother Goose Rhymes typeset ©1960 (GAF)
RP-3006 The Wizard of Oz typeset ©1957 (GAF)
RP-3007 Alice in Wonderland typeset ©1952 (GAF)
RP-3011 Bugs Bunny in "The Chiseler" typeset ©1959 (GAF) Movie/TV Animation
(TV Cartoon Favorites)
RP-3012 Woody Woodpecker in "The Daredevil" typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-3013 Peanuts, "Throw It Home, Snoopy!" typeset ©1966 (GAF)
RP-3014 Casper & Spooky in "The Haunted House" typeset ©1969 (GAF)
RP-3015 The Hardy Boys typeset ©1970 (GAF)
RP-3016 Superman in "Payday Incident"
RP-3017 Bullwinkle in "Picnicgamesmanship" typeset ©1962 (GAF)
RP-3021 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs typeset (GAF) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
Movies & TV
Theme Parks
(Disney Favorites)
RP-3022 Mickey Mouse
RP-3025 Mary Poppins typeset ©1964 (GAF)
RP-3026 The Love Bug typeset ©1968 (GAF)
RP-3027 Disneyland typeset (GAF)
RP-3031 The Scenic Wonders typeset (GAF) U.S. Miscellanea
(America's Scenic Wonders)
RP-3032 Mountains & Deserts
RP-3033 Wonderful Cities
RP-3035 The National Parks
RP-3036 Historylands
RP-3037 ?
RP-3041 Our Planet Earth typeset (GAF) Science
(Looking Into Science)
RP-3042 Prehistoric Life
RP-3043 Matter & Energy
RP-3044 Lost Civilizations of Mexico
RP-3045 Rocks & Minerals
RP-3046 The Plant Kingdom
RP-3047 Conquest of Space
RP-3071 Snoopy & the Red Baron typeset ©1969 (GAF) Juvenalia
(It's Fun, Charlie Brown)
RP-3073 Peanuts, "Good Grief, Beethoven!" typeset ©1966 (GAF)
RP-3074 Peanuts typeset (GAF)
RP-3075 Charlie Brown's Summer Fun typeset ©1972 (GAF)
RP-3077 Snoopy in "Vampire Days & Nights"
RP-3078 Peanuts, "Steaaaady, Charlie Brown!" typeset ©1966 (Sawyer's)
typeset (GAF)
RP-3081 Mickey Mouse in "Steamboat Willie" typeset ©1928 (applies to content) (GAF) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
(50 Happy Years, Old Time Disney Favorites)
RP-3082 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs typeset (GAF)
RP-3083 Mickey Mouse in "Clock Cleaners"
RP-3084 Davy Crockett, "Battle of the Alamo" typeset ©1955 (GAF)
RP-3085 Mickey Mouse Club in "Mickey's Magic Visit" typeset ©1956 (GAF)
RP-3086 Zorro typeset (GAF)
RP-3087 Babes in Toyland typeset ©1961 (GAF)
RP-3088 Winnie the Pooh & Tigger typeset (GAF)
RP-3089 Pluto
RP-001-060 Snoopy typeset (GAF) Juvenalia
RP-001-062 Peanuts
RP-001-064 Charlie Brown
RP-002-199 Muppets



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