Notes for Single Reels

#16 Bryce Canyon National Park I typeset ©1948/-59
#17 Bryce Canyon National Park II typeset ©1948/-59
The variants of these titles with dual copyright dates are known to have been issued in S4 and later versions of packet A346, but may never have been issued as single reels.
#26 Grand Canyon, South Rim I typeset ©1948
Three combinations of two different images in scenes 2 & 4 are known:
  • "The Canyon from Bright Angel Lodge"
  • "West from Moran Point"
  • "The Canyon from Bright Angel Lodge"
  • "North from Yavapai Point"
  • "The Canyon from El Tovar"
  • "West from Moran Point"

#53 Park of the Red Rocks typeset, w/o ©
Two different images in scene 6 are known:
  • "Massive Rock Formation"
  • "Amphitheatre"

#66 Island of Hawaii typeset, w/o ©
Three different images in scene 1 are known:
  • "Twin Palms"
  • "Mauna Kea from Hilo"
  • "Rainbow Falls"

#68 Hawaiian Flowers I typeset, w/o ©
Two different images in scene 1 are known:
  • "Giant Api"
  • "Coral Shower"

#71 Hawaiian National Park, Island of Hawaii typeset ©1951
Two combinations of images in scenes 4 & 5 are known:
  • "Halemaumau in Eruption"
  • "A Giant Fern Forest"
  • "A Fern Forest"
  • "On the Trail"

#132 Yosemite National Park II typeset ©1948
Two different images in scene 6 are known:
  • "The Fire Fall"
  • "Big Trees on Wawona Road"

#157 New York City II typeset ©1950 (U.S. issue)
Two different images in scene 2 are known:
  • "Lower Manhattan"
  • "Madison Square Garden"

#164 Cypress Gardens typeset ©1949 (U.S. issue)
Two different images in scene 5 are known:
  • "Water skiing at Cypress Gardens"
  • "The flower-lined walks" (also on the ©1949 Belgian issue)

#189 Mission San Juan Capistrano hand-lettered (white)
Known to have been issued with two different title renderings: "Mission San Juan Capistrano" and "San Juan Capistrano Mission" in concentric and linear labeling, respectively.
#189 Mission San Juan Capistrano typeset, w/o © (Sawyer's)
Two different sets of images in scenes 4 & 7 are known:
  • "Altar" (without ceiling visible)
  • "The Campanario"
  • "Altar" (with ceiling visible)
  • "Father Serra Statue"

#215 Farmer's Market, Los Angeles typeset ©1954
Two different images in scene 7 are known:
  • "Alice the famous macaw"
  • "The parrot barker at the pet shop"

#220 Homes of Hollywood Movie Stars hand-lettered (white)
  1. William Powell, Beverly Hills
  2. Gary Cooper, Brentwood
  3. Robert Montgomery, Beverly Hills
  4. Wallace Berry, Beverly Hills
  5. Ronald Colman, Beverly Hills
  6. "Pickfair," Home of Mary Pickford & Buddy Rogers, Beverly Hills
  7. Jack Benny, Beverly Hills

Another white hand-lettered edition is known in which Deanna Durbin's home replaces that of William Powell.

#220 Homes of Hollywood Movie Stars typeset, w/o ©
  1. Loretta Young
  2. Ray Milland
  3. Robert Montgomery
  4. Robert Taylor & Barbara Stanwyck
  5. Ida Lupino
  6. Cary Grant
  7. Jack Benny

#220 Homes of Hollywood Movie Stars typeset ©1955
  1. Lana Turner's Mapleton Drive Residence, Los Angeles
  2. James Mason's Home in Beverly Hills
  3. Los Angeles Home of Barbara Stanwyck
  4. Jerry Lewis's House in Pacific Palisades
  5. Beverly Hills Residence of James Stewart
  6. Ronald Colman's Distinguished Bel Air Home
  7. Joan Crawford Home, Bel Air

#221 Los Angeles typeset ©1948
Two different images in scene 7 are known:
  • "UCLA"
  • "Olivera Street"

#271 Rural Connecticut typeset ©1950
Two different images in scene 1 are known:
  • "Pink Dogwoods"
  • "Pink and White Dogwoods"

#286 Indian Tribal Ceremonial, Gallup typeset ©1948
Two different images in scene 4 are known:
  • "Navajo Fire Dancers"
  • "Laguna Braves"

#318 Banff, Canadian Rockies, Alberta typeset ©1948
Two different images in scene 7 are known:
  • "Mountain Sheep"
  • "Chair Lift"

#342 Race Horses of the Kentucky Blue Grass Country typeset ©1952
Two different images in scene 3 are known:
  • "Bull Lea"
  • "Champions"

#347 Gettysburg National Military Monument I hand-lettered (white)
Known to have been issued with title misprinted as "Gettysburg National Military Monument II."
#365 Kansas, The Wheat State typeset ©1951
Two different images in scene 7 are known:
  • "Kansas City"
  • "Boyhood Home of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower at Abilene"

#370 Oklahoma, The Sooner State typeset ©1951
Three different images in scene 7 are known:
  • "Will Rogers Statue"
  • "Tulsa"
  • "Oklahoma City"

#572 Havana I typeset ©1948
Two different images in scene 5 are known:
  • "Avenue of the Americas"
  • "Spanish Street Entertainers"

#575 Varadero Beach, Cuba typeset ©1947
Although this title appears in reel lists published by Sawyer's and a production run was at least initiated, it may never have been publicly issued owing to the 1957 Cuban revolution. John Saddy has offered specimens in his auctions #99VM-1 (March 1999) and #00VM-2 (April 2000).
#593 Ciudad Trujillo, New World's Oldest City / Santo Domingo, New World's Oldest City typeset ©1957
Known to have been issued with two titles. Although the copyright date is the same between the two reels, "Santo Domingo" is later: the name of the city changed in 1961.
#656 Buenos Aires I typeset, w/o ©
Two versions are known with slightly different titling, "Buenos Aires, Argentina I" and "Buenos Aires I, Argentina." Likely, but unconfirmed, that some images are different.
#725 Baseball Stars of the Major Leagues I typeset ©1953
  1. Al Rosen, Cleveland Indians
  2. Phil Rizutto, New York Yankees
  3. Jackie Jensen, Washington Senators
  4. Preacher Roe, Brooklyn Dodgers
  5. Whitey Lockman, New York Giants
  6. Minnie Minoso, Chicago White Sox
  7. Yogi Berra, New York Yankees

#726 Baseball Stars of the Major Leagues II typeset ©1953
  1. Johnny Mize, New York Yankees
  2. Bob Lemon, Cleveland Indians
  3. Al Schoendienst, St. Louis Cardinals
  4. Ferris Fain, Chicago White Sox
  5. Monte Irvin, New York Giants
  6. Bob Shantz, Philadelphia Athletics
  7. Sid Gordon, Milwaukee Braves

#727 Baseball Stars of the Major Leagues III typeset ©1953
  1. Bob Thomson, New York Giants
  2. Grady Hatton, Cincinnati Reds
  3. Vic Wertz, St. Louis Browns
  4. Mel Parnel, Boston Red Sox
  5. Gene Woodling, New York Yankees
  6. Sal Maglie, New York Giants
  7. Roy Campanella, Brooklyn Dodgers

#740 Movie Stars of Hollywood I typeset ©1954
  1. Debbie Reynolds
  2. John Derek
  3. Terry Moore
  4. Robert Wagner
  5. Eleanor Parker
  6. Van Heflin
  7. Loretta Young

#740-X Movie Stars of Hollywood (Belgian issue) typeset ©1954 (Belgian issue)
  1. Jane Russell
  2. Eleanor Parker
  3. Alan Ladd
  4. Debra Paget
  5. Debbie Reynolds
  6. Robert Wagner
  7. Mona Freeman

#741 Movie Stars of Hollywood II typeset ©1954
  1. Bob Cummings
  2. Debra Paget
  3. Dick Powell
  4. Barbara Britton
  5. Robert Stack
  6. Mona Freeman
  7. Broderick Crawford
Two other variants are known:
  • Jane Russell in scene 1 instead of Robert Cummings
  • Ray Milland in scene 5 instead of Robert Stack

#742 Movie Stars of Hollywood III typeset ©1954
  1. Rhonda Fleming
  2. Jeffrey Hunter
  3. Connie Russell
  4. Alan Ladd
  5. Marie Wilson
  6. Gilbert Roland
  7. Barbara Stanwyck
One other variant is known:
  • Rod Cameron in scene 4 instead of Alan Ladd

#745 Television Stars I typeset ©1955
  1. Ed Sullivan
  2. George Burns & Gracie Allen
  3. Liberace
  4. Groucho Marx
  5. Ann Baker
  6. Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy (holding a View-Master Personal camera)
  7. Donald O'Connor

#746 Television Stars II typeset ©1955
  1. Jack Benny
  2. Ozzie & Harriet Nelson
  3. Bob Crosby
  4. Pinky Lee
  5. Connie Haines
  6. Sid Caesar
  7. Art Linkletter

#747 Television Stars III typeset ©1955
  1. Red Skelton
  2. Eve Arden
  3. Tony Martin
  4. Jimmy Durante
  5. Diana Lynn
  6. Danny Thomas
  7. Richard Denning

#967 Silver Springs Attractions, Florida typeset, w/o ©
Erroneously listed as #968 in some reel lists published by Sawyer's.
#1407-K Monuments de Paris, Souvenir Tour Eiffel, Exclusivité (French language edition) typeset, w/o © (Belgian issue)
Believed to have been available only at the Eiffel Tower in the middle 1960s.
#1601 Rome I typeset ©1949 (U.S. issue)
Two different images in scene 3 are known:
  • "The Victor Emmanuel II Monument"
  • "Colonnade of Bernini"

#1630 Venice I typeset, w/o © (Australian issue)
Two different images in scene 3 are known:
  • St. Mark's (closeup)
  • St. Mark's (long shot)

#1913 Aalsmeer Flower Auction typeset, w/o © (Belgian issue)
Known to have been issued in an S6b style envelope, unusual for a single reel, with "7" in the white oval where "21" normally appears for a 3-reel packet.
#2680 Monaco et Monte Carlo typeset (French issue)
This unusual reel, manufactured in France, may have been issued only with a Model E viewer, also of French manufacture. One specimen was offered by John Saddy in his Auction #99VM-2 (March/April 1999).
#3029 Natives of Zululand typeset ©1950 (U.S. issue)
Two different images in scene 7 are known:
  • "A Hillside Kraal"
  • "A Cozy Back Seat"

#5020 Kangaroo Hunt with Aborigines of Australia typeset ©1950 (U.S. issue)
Two different versions are known:
  • long shots
  • close-up shots

#5375 Tropical Tahiti typeset (GAF)
This unusual GAF variant is known to have been issued in a GU packet envelope labelled, nonetheless, for the single reel. One specimen was offered by John Saddy in his Auction #99VM-4.
#1A5331 Chicago's Adler Planetarium & Astronomical Museum
In addition to the numbered reel, an unnumbered version is known.
#B6564 Guided Missiles & Rockets typeset ©1959? (Sawyer's)
The numbering of this reel is sequential with those in packet B656.
#B4309 William Tell typeset
Although the number suggests it is somehow in series with the 3 reels in the B430 William Tell packet, the provenance of this reel is unknown. The 7 scenes all appear in the reels of the B430 S4 variant, but no reel from that set is identical to B4309. One specimen was offered by John Saddy in his Auction #96VM-1.
#CBS-1/CBS-2 NASA's Apollo Project, Moon Landing 1969 typeset (GAF)
These two reels consist of genuine images from the Apollo 11 lunar mission, all of which are also found in the 3-reel packet B663, Apollo Moon Landing.
#DR-9 Your Free View-Master "Fun Parade Reel" typeset ©1957 (green ink, Sawyer's)
Part of a 1957 giveaway distributed by View-Master dealers in a greeting-card size envelope which included an 8-page brochure The Little Book of Favorite Gifts of View-Master Products, an information reply card, and a letter from Sawyer's.
#DR-41 Seattle World's Fair, 1962 typeset ©1962 (Sawyer's)
Said by Dalia Miller to have been given as a souvenir to Fair officials & VIPs and, therefore, scarce.
#FT-30 The Night Before Christmas typeset ©1952 (U.S. issue, w/story folder)
Known in a red & green ink version, as well as the usual black ink of the Fairy Tale series. One specimen was offered by Dalia Miller in her Winter 1996 catalog.
#FT-31B Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol typeset ©1956 (Belgian issue)
While FT-31B is known as a Belgian issue, FT-31A and FT-31C reels of Belgian manufacture are not yet confirmed. Moreover, the reel(s) may have been issued singly, as part of a 3-reel packet of Belgian origin, or both.
#SP-207 Sun Valley in Summer typeset, w/o ©
Two different images in scene 7 are known:
  • "Sun Valley Lodge"
  • "Opera House & Lodge"

Alpine Wild Flowers of the Western United States, Howard R. Stagner
According to collector/View-Master documentarian Mary Ann Sell, three versions of the Wildflower book were issued. The first was a clothbound volume about the size of a personal checkbook, brown with gold lettering, and accompanied by the hand-lettered variants of the Wildflower reels. The second versions were small clothbound books about the size lengthwise of the first version but much fatter; these were issued in many colors including green, blue, orange, yellow, turquoise, or other colors and (like the Mushroom books) red leatherette. The third version was in a spiral bound format, made of green leatherette with a full color dust jacket.
#XA-2514/-2515/-2516 1973 Rose Court, Portland typeset ©1973 (GAF)
Custom-made reels for the 1973 Portland Rose Festival. Numbering of the reels is continuous with those in the A251 packet Rose Festival, Portland (issued long before 1973).



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