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Adding audio to the usual stereophotographic images was introduced by Gaf in the early 1970s, later re-introduced in a different format by View-Master International in the middle 1980s and a third format was introduced by the Ideal Group. The two formats (gaf) and (VMI) were incompatible, although both achieved sound by means of a grooved plastic record requiring special viewers for play. View-Master Ideal Group added its own View-Master sound product when it released the View-Master Reels & Audio Cassette but a special talking viewer was no longer necessary.



Title Subject(s)
AVA090 Canada Canada
AVA094 Wonders of the National Parks National Parks
AVA202 Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom Theme Parks
AVA306? Yellowstone National Parks
AVA371 Grand Canyon National Parks
AVA651 United Nationa New York
AVA646 New York City New York
AVA662 Niagara Falls New York
AVA791 National Gallery of Art District of Columbia
AVA793 The White House District of Columbia
AVA801 Washington, D.C.
AVA955 Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida Disney
Theme Parks
AVA998 Scenic U.S.A. U.S. Miscellanea
AVB001 Mexico Mexico
AVADR-3000 GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture Reel Demonstration Reels
AVB021 Grand Tour of Central and South America South America
AVB096 Grand Tour of Africa Africa
AVB145 Grand Tour of Europe Europe
AVB178 Vatican City Vatican State
AVB185 Switzerland Europe
AVB215 Grand Tour of Asia Asia
AVB254 Inside China Today China
AVB300 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Disney
Movie/TV Animation
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Spanish language edition)
AVB308 Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty (Spanish language edition)
AVB309 Aesop's Fables Juvenalia
AVB310 Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood (Spanish language edition)
AVB311 Pinocchio
AVB314 Jack & the Beanstalk
AVB316 The Sword in the Stone Disney
Movie/TV Animation
AVB317 Goldilocks & the Three Bears Fairy Tales
AVB318 Cinderella
Cinderella (Spanish language edition)
AVB321 Charlotte's Web Disney
Movie/TV Animation
AVB322 Pippi Longstocking Juvenalia
AVB323 Frankenstein
AVB340 Tom Sawyer
AVB342 Robin Hood Disney
Movie/TV Animation
AVB343 Huckleberry Finn Movies & TV
AVB360 Alice in Wonderland (dioramas) Juvenalia
Alice in Wonderland (dioramas, Spanish language edition)
AVB361 The Wizard of Oz
AVB362 Winnie the Pooh Disney
Movie/TV Animation
AVB363 Jungle Book
AVB365 Aristocats
AVB369 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too (dioramas)
AVB372 Peter Pan
AVB374 Gulliver's Travels Adventure Stories
AVB376 Mary Poppins Disney
Movies & TV
AVB380 A Christmas Carol Christmas
AVB382 The Night Before Christmas
AVB383 The Christmas Story
AVB400 Bambi Disney
Movie/TV Animation
AVB405 The True Story of Smokey Bear Juvenalia
AVB406 Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy
AVB410 Mother Goose Rhymes
AVB411 The ABC's
AVB412 Numbers and Names  
AVB425 Heidi Adventure Stories
AVB471-D? Bonanza (German language edition) Movies & TV
AVB480 Lassie
AVB485 Flipper
AVB500 Barbie's Around the World Trip Juvenalia
AVB501 The Love Bug Disney
Movies & TV
AVB504 Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp Movies & TV
AVB507 Planet of the Apes
AVB508 The Woody Woodpecker Show (dioramas)
AVB511 Tom & Jerry
AVB512 Huckleberry Hould and Yogi Bear
AVB514 The Flintstones
AVB516 Popeye
Popeye (Spanish language edition)
AVB520 Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm
AVB525 Donald Duck Disney
Movie/TV Animation
Donald Duck (Spanish language edition)
AVB526 Mighty Mouse Movie/TV Animation
AVB528 Mickey Mouse Disney
Movie/TV Animation
AVB531 Bugs Bunny Movie/TV Animation
Bugs Bunny (Spanish language edition)
AVB532 101 Dalmatians Disney
Movie/TV Animation
AVB536 Peanuts Juvenalia
AVB538 Beep-Beep, The Road Runner Movie/TV Animation
AVB544 Snoopy & The Red Baron Juvenalia
AVB545 Casper's Ghostland Movie/TV Animation
AVB548 Charlie Brown's Summer Fun Juvenalia
AVB549 Bugs Bunny, Circus Star Movie/TV Animation
AVB551 Mickey Mouse in "Clock Cleaners" Disney
Movie/TV Animation
Mickey Mouse in "Clock Cleaners" (Spanish language edition)
AVB552 Hair Bear Bunch Movie/TV Animation
AVB553 Scooby Doo
AVB555 Star Trek, "Mr. Spock's Time Trek"
AVB556 It's A Bird, Charlie Brown Juvenalia
AVB558 Apple's Way Movies & TV
AVB559 The Six Million Dollar Man
AVB563 Bazooka Joe and his GANG Cartoon
AVB567 The New Zoo Revue Two TV
AVB568 The Brady Bunch TV
AVB574 Archie Cartoon
AVB576 Barbie's Great American Photo Race Juvenalia
AVB578 Herbie Rides Again Disney
Movies & TV
AVB584 Superman Juvenalia
Superman (Spanish language edition)
AVB585 Adventures of G.I. Joe
AVB586 Happy Days Movies & TV
AVB589 Gunsmoke
AVB590 Hawaii Five-O
AVB593 Adam 12
AVB595 Sigmund & the Sea Monsters
AVB596 The Waltons
AVB598 Kung Fu
AVB605 The Little Yellow Dinosaur
AVB612 Wonders of the Deep Marine Life
AVB616 Wild Animals of the World Animals
World Miscellanea
AVB617 Children's Zoo, San Diego Animals
AVB658 Man on the Moon: NASA's Project Apollo Space Exploration
AVB663 Apollo Moon Landing, 1969
AVB675 Geology: Our Planet Earth Science
AVB676 Paleontology: Prehistoric Life
AVB678 Ornithology: Birds of the World Birds
AVB682 Physics: Matter & Energy Science
AVB686 Ecology: The Balance of Nature
AVB687 Astronomy: Exploring the Universe
AVB725 The American Indian Native Americans
U.S. Miscellanea
AVB773 Airplanes of the World Aviation
AVB851 Noah's Ark Religious Subjects
AVB853 Moses and the Plagues of Egypt Religious Subjects
AVB870 Rudolph, the Red-Mosed Reindeer Christmas
AVB871 The Little Drummer Boy
AVB901 Seven Wonders of the World Historical Subjects
World Miscellanea
AVB951 Instructional Football with Don Maynard Sports
AVDR-77   Demonstration Reels
AVDR-3001 GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture Reel (1st edition?)
GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture Reel (2nd edition?)
GAF Talking View-Master Preview Picture Reel (3rd edition)
AVDR-3004 GAF Talking View-Master Projector Preview Picture Reel
TB324 Dracula Juvenalia
TB344 Holly Hobbie (dioramas)
TB392 King Kong Movies & TV
TB451 Space: 1999
TB583 Flash Gordon Juvenalia
TH1 Land of the Lost #2 Movies & TV
TH11 The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Comic Books/Comic Strips
TH26 The Rescuers Disney
Movie/TV Animation
TH56 Mr. Magoo Movies & TV
TJ19 Welcome Back Kotter
TJ23 Godzilla Movie/TV Animation
TJ26 The Rescuers Disney
Movie/TV Animation
TJ60 Dumbo
TK31 The Amazing Spider-Man #2 Comic Books/Comic Strips
TVB452 The Rookies Movies & TV
TVB453 S.W.A.T.



Title Subject(s)
1003 Batman in "The Joker's Wild" Comic Books/Comic Strips
1006 Popeye Movie/TV Animation
1016 Scooby Doo
1023 Tweety & Sylvester
1031 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show
1039 It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown Juvenalia
1042 Cabbage Patch Kids
1043 Rainbow Brite
1055 Voltron, Defender of the Universe Movie/TV Animation
3001 Bambi (dioramas) Disney
Movie/TV Animation
3002 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (dioramas)
3003 Peter Pan (dioramas)
3047 Sport Goofy
4045 The A-Team Movies & TV
4047 Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Music
4411 Scooby Doo Movie/TV Animation
4412 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show
4413 Tweety & Sylvester
4414 Popeye
4416 It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown Juvenalia
4417 Peter Pan Disney
Movie/TV Animation
4418 The Fox & the Hound
4419 Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
4420 Bambi
4421 Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Music
4423 Fraggle Rock Movies & TV
4425 Knight Rider
4426 The A-Team
4427 Batman Comic Books/Comic Strips
4429 Sesame Street #1 Juvenalia
4430 Sesame Street #2
4432 Cabbage Patch Kids
4434 Masters of the Universe Movie/TV Animation
4435 Mickey Mouse & Friends Disney
Movie/TV Animation
4437 The Transformers Movie/TV Animation
4438 Rainbow Brite Juvenalia
4439 Voltron, Defender of the Universe Movie/TV Animation
004-566 Muppet Circus Juvenalia
004-569 Sesame Street
004-753 Talking View-Master Preview Reel Demonstration Reels



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