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CHRISTMAS Glasses - Holiday Eyes GlassesCHRISTMAS Glasses - Holiday Eyes Glasses
Custom Made Reels For View-Master®Custom Made Reels For View-Master®
Scratch & Dent BargainsScratch & Dent Bargains
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3D Glasses3D Glasses
3D Glasses -  Anaglyph3D Glasses - Anaglyph
3D Glasses - Red/Cyan - Anaglyph - Paper3D Glasses - Red/Cyan - Anaglyph - Paper
3D Glasses - Red/Cyan - Anaglyph - Plastic3D Glasses - Red/Cyan - Anaglyph - Plastic
3D Glasses - Green/Magenta - Trioscopic3D Glasses - Green/Magenta - Trioscopic
3D Glasses - Amber/Blue -3D Glasses - Amber/Blue -
3D Passive TV Glasses3D Passive TV Glasses
3D Glasses for Home 3D DVDs3D Glasses for Home 3D DVDs
3D Glasses for 3D TVs3D Glasses for 3D TVs
TriOviz - 3D GlassesTriOviz - 3D Glasses
CORALINE - 3D GlassesCORALINE - 3D Glasses
FRIDAY the 13th - 3D GlassesFRIDAY the 13th - 3D Glasses
JACKASS 3D - 3D GlassesJACKASS 3D - 3D Glasses
LED Flashing GlassesLED Flashing Glasses
3D Glasses for in Theater Viewing3D Glasses for in Theater Viewing
Polarized 3D GlassesPolarized 3D Glasses
Active Shutter 3D GlassesActive Shutter 3D Glasses
Active 3D Glasses for 3D TVsActive 3D Glasses for 3D TVs
Twin Image 3D GlassesTwin Image 3D Glasses
ChromaDepth® 3D GlassesChromaDepth® 3D Glasses
CRAYOLA 3D GlassesCRAYOLA 3D Glasses
De-Coder Glasses - for Secret CodesDe-Coder Glasses - for Secret Codes
iPad, iPhone AccessoriesiPad, iPhone Accessories
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Holographic Glasses - Happy EyesHolographic Glasses - Happy Eyes
Cloud BCloud B
Fireworks Glasses - Laser Show GlassesFireworks Glasses - Laser Show Glasses
Party, Rave,  Festive, & Fun GlassesParty, Rave, Festive, & Fun Glasses
July 4th - New Years - 3D GlassesJuly 4th - New Years - 3D Glasses
Religious Holographic GlassesReligious Holographic Glasses
Wedding Favor - 3D Glasses - HolographicWedding Favor - 3D Glasses - Holographic
Happy Birthday 3D GlassesHappy Birthday 3D Glasses
Canon Stereo LensCanon Stereo Lens
Nikon Stereo LensNikon Stereo Lens
Minolta Stereo LensMinolta Stereo Lens
Pentax Stereo LensPentax Stereo Lens
Olympus Stereo LensOlympus Stereo Lens
Samsung Stereo LensSamsung Stereo Lens
Fuji Stereo LensFuji Stereo Lens
Sony Stereo LensSony Stereo Lens
Panasonic Stereo LensPanasonic Stereo Lens
3D Loreo Digital Camera Lens Attachments3D Loreo Digital Camera Lens Attachments
Digital Stereo Cameras/CamcordersDigital Stereo Cameras/Camcorders
Digital  Stereo AccessoriesDigital Stereo Accessories
Stereoscopic SoftwareStereoscopic Software
3D VHS Tapes3D VHS Tapes
Make Your Own View-Master ReelsMake Your Own View-Master Reels
Instructional Books CDs & DVDsInstructional Books CDs & DVDs
Cleaning ProductsCleaning Products
3D Greeting Cards -- Make your Own3D Greeting Cards -- Make your Own
3D PRINT Viewers (New)3D PRINT Viewers (New)
3D PRINT Viewers (Vintage)3D PRINT Viewers (Vintage)
3D SLIDE Viewers (New)3D SLIDE Viewers (New)
3D SLIDE Viewers (Vintage)3D SLIDE Viewers (Vintage)
3D Projection SCREENS3D Projection SCREENS
BULBS - 3D Viewers & ProjectorsBULBS - 3D Viewers & Projectors

3D Lens Attachment Film Camera (Loreo)3D Lens Attachment Film Camera (Loreo)
LOREO 3D Stereo CamerasLOREO 3D Stereo Cameras
Vintage Stereo Film CamerasVintage Stereo Film Cameras
KALIMAR & NISHIKA 3D Stereo CamerasKALIMAR & NISHIKA 3D Stereo Cameras
NIMSLO Stereo CamerasNIMSLO Stereo Cameras
REALIST Stereo Camera AccessoriesREALIST Stereo Camera Accessories
View-Master Camera AccessoriesView-Master Camera Accessories
- - Stereo MOUNTS and Mounting Supplies- -
Aluminum Stereo Slide MasksAluminum Stereo Slide Masks
Cardboard Stereo Slide MountsCardboard Stereo Slide Mounts
Stereo Slide Mounting AidsStereo Slide Mounting Aids
Plastic Stereo Slide MountsPlastic Stereo Slide Mounts
Stereo Reel MountsStereo Reel Mounts
Print Mounts (stereo cards)Print Mounts (stereo cards)
Vintage Stereo Mounting ItemsVintage Stereo Mounting Items
2x2 Stereo Slide Mounts2x2 Stereo Slide Mounts
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3D Camera BARS and MOUNTS3D Camera BARS and MOUNTS
Storage & SuppliesStorage & Supplies
ViewMaster - AnimalsViewMaster - Animals
ViewMaster - AnimalsViewMaster - Animals
ViewMaster - Art & ArchitectureViewMaster - Art & Architecture
ViewMaster - BATMANViewMaster - BATMAN
ViewMaster - BooksViewMaster - Books
ViewMaster - CartoonsViewMaster - Cartoons
ViewMaster - Cities.. USViewMaster - Cities.. US
ViewMaster - CommercialViewMaster - Commercial
ViewMaster - DR Demonstrator ReelsViewMaster - DR Demonstrator Reels
ViewMaster - DinosaurViewMaster - Dinosaur
ViewMaster - DisneyViewMaster - Disney
ViewMaster - DisneylandViewMaster - Disneyland
ViewMaster - Disney MoviesViewMaster - Disney Movies
ViewMaster - DisneyWorldViewMaster - DisneyWorld
ViewMaster - Early LearningViewMaster - Early Learning
ViewMaster - EventsViewMaster - Events
ViewMaster - Fairy Tales/Sculpted ArtViewMaster - Fairy Tales/Sculpted Art
ViewMaster - Flowers-Gardens-CavesViewMaster - Flowers-Gardens-Caves
ViewMaster - Harry PotterViewMaster - Harry Potter
ViewMaster - HistoryViewMaster - History
ViewMaster - HolidaysViewMaster - Holidays
ViewMaster - Indians & CowboysViewMaster - Indians & Cowboys
ViewMaster - Knott's Berry FarmViewMaster - Knott's Berry Farm
ViewMaster - Marineland - PacificViewMaster - Marineland - Pacific
ViewMaster - Marineland - FloridaViewMaster - Marineland - Florida
ViewMaster - Military Reels WWIIViewMaster - Military Reels WWII
ViewMaster - MuseumsViewMaster - Museums
ViewMaster - MoviesViewMaster - Movies
ViewMaster - National ParksViewMaster - National Parks
ViewMaster - Personal ReelsViewMaster - Personal Reels
ViewMaster - Places of InterestViewMaster - Places of Interest
ViewMaster - Rare & Scarce ...ViewMaster - Rare & Scarce ...
ViewMaster - Reel ListsViewMaster - Reel Lists
ViewMaster - Religious ThemesViewMaster - Religious Themes
ViewMaster - Sesame Street - MuppetsViewMaster - Sesame Street - Muppets
ViewMaster - Scenic AustraliaViewMaster - Scenic Australia
ViewMaster - SeaworldViewMaster - Seaworld
ViewMaster - Scenic AsiaViewMaster - Scenic Asia
ViewMaster - Scenic AfricaViewMaster - Scenic Africa
ViewMaster - Scenic CanadaViewMaster - Scenic Canada
ViewMaster - Scenic GermanyViewMaster - Scenic Germany
ViewMaster - Scenic FranceViewMaster - Scenic France
ViewMaster - Scenic EuropeViewMaster - Scenic Europe
ViewMaster - Scenic HawaiiViewMaster - Scenic Hawaii
ViewMaster - Scenic ItalyViewMaster - Scenic Italy
ViewMaster - Scenic Latin AmericaViewMaster - Scenic Latin America
ViewMaster - Scenic MexicoViewMaster - Scenic Mexico
ViewMaster - Scenic Mid EastViewMaster - Scenic Mid East
ViewMaster - Scenic SpainViewMaster - Scenic Spain
ViewMaster - Scenic U.S. SouthViewMaster - Scenic U.S. South
ViewMaster - Scenic U.S. EastViewMaster - Scenic U.S. East
ViewMaster - Scenic U.S. MidwestViewMaster - Scenic U.S. Midwest
ViewMaster - Scenic US WestViewMaster - Scenic US West
ViewMaster - Scenic U.K.ViewMaster - Scenic U.K.
ViewMaster - ScienceViewMaster - Science
ViewMaster -  SmurfsViewMaster - Smurfs
ViewMaster - SportsViewMaster - Sports
ViewMaster -  SpaceViewMaster - Space
ViewMaster - Space & AviationViewMaster - Space & Aviation
ViewMaster - Special SubjectsViewMaster - Special Subjects
ViewMaster - StatesViewMaster - States
ViewMaster - Super HeroesViewMaster - Super Heroes
ViewMaster - Vintage TalkingViewMaster - Vintage Talking
ViewMaster - Theme ParksViewMaster - Theme Parks
ViewMaster - TVViewMaster - TV
ViewMaster - VIEWERSViewMaster - VIEWERS
ViewMaster - World's FairsViewMaster - World's Fairs
ViewMaster - ZoosViewMaster - Zoos
3 REELS ONLY - sets3 REELS ONLY - sets
3 REELS ONLY Sets - Domestic3 REELS ONLY Sets - Domestic
3 REELS ONLY Sets - International3 REELS ONLY Sets - International
3 REELS ONLY Sets - Cartoon, Movie, TV3 REELS ONLY Sets - Cartoon, Movie, TV
REELS ...ViewMasterREELS ...ViewMaster
ViewMaster Reels  4-60 .... U.S.ViewMaster Reels 4-60 .... U.S.
ViewMaster Reels  61-99 .... U.S.ViewMaster Reels 61-99 .... U.S.
ViewMaster Reels - 100-129 .... U.S.ViewMaster Reels - 100-129 .... U.S.
ViewMaster Reels 131-159 .... U.S.ViewMaster Reels 131-159 .... U.S.
ViewMaster Reels  160-249 .... U.S.ViewMaster Reels 160-249 .... U.S.
ViewMaster Reels  250-299 .... U.S.ViewMaster Reels 250-299 .... U.S.
ViewMaster Reels  300-399 .... Canada & U.S.ViewMaster Reels 300-399 .... Canada & U.S.
ViewMaster Reels  400s & 700s ..Events, Movie, SportsViewMaster Reels 400s & 700s ..Events, Movie, Sports
ViewMaster Reels  500-698 ... Latin AmericaViewMaster Reels 500-698 ... Latin America
ViewMaster Reels  735-900 ..Characters, AnimalsViewMaster Reels 735-900 ..Characters, Animals
ViewMaster Reels  770-982 .... Cowboys & IndiansViewMaster Reels 770-982 .... Cowboys & Indians
ViewMaster Reels  851- 856 .... DisneylandViewMaster Reels 851- 856 .... Disneyland
ViewMaster Reels  1000-1399 .... England-Ire-WalesViewMaster Reels 1000-1399 .... England-Ire-Wales
ViewMaster Reels  1400-1499 .... EuropeViewMaster Reels 1400-1499 .... Europe
ViewMaster Reels  1500-1699 .... EuropeViewMaster Reels 1500-1699 .... Europe
ViewMaster Reels  1700-1999 .... EuropeViewMaster Reels 1700-1999 .... Europe
ViewMaster Reels  2000-2999 .... EuropeViewMaster Reels 2000-2999 .... Europe
ViewMaster Reels  3000-5870 .... WorldwideViewMaster Reels 3000-5870 .... Worldwide
ViewMaster Reels  - 9000 & SP ReelsViewMaster Reels - 9000 & SP Reels
ViewMaster Reels - Alpha-NumericViewMaster Reels - Alpha-Numeric
ViewMaster Reels - Bible Stories & ReligiousViewMaster Reels - Bible Stories & Religious
ViewMaster Reels - Cactus & WildflowerViewMaster Reels - Cactus & Wildflower
ViewMaster Reels - Fairy Tales - Clay Figure ArtViewMaster Reels - Fairy Tales - Clay Figure Art
Viewmaster - Fairy Tales/Sculpted ArtViewmaster - Fairy Tales/Sculpted Art
ViewMaster Reels - Know Your America SeriesViewMaster Reels - Know Your America Series
ViewMaster - Rare & Scarce ReelsViewMaster - Rare & Scarce Reels
ViewMaster Reels  - State ReelsViewMaster Reels - State Reels
ViewMaster Reels  - World's FairsViewMaster Reels - World's Fairs
Meopta ReelsMeopta Reels
Stereo-Rama ReelsStereo-Rama Reels
ViewMaster Reels - Early REELSViewMaster Reels - Early REELS
ViewMaster Reels - Gold Center ReelsViewMaster Reels - Gold Center Reels
ViewMaster Reels - Blue Ring ReelsViewMaster Reels - Blue Ring Reels
ViewMaster Reels -  Buff ReelsViewMaster Reels - Buff Reels
ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 4-90ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 4-90
ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 91-125ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 91-125
ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 126-175ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 126-175
ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 176-299ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 176-299
ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 301-667ViewMaster Reels - Hand Lettered 301-667
MAKE YOUR OWN - View-Master ReelsMAKE YOUR OWN - View-Master Reels
Instruction Booklets - View-MasterInstruction Booklets - View-Master
SUPPLIES ... ViewMasterSUPPLIES ... ViewMaster
STORAGE - Vintage ViewMasterSTORAGE - Vintage ViewMaster
Vintage Talking ...  ViewMasterVintage Talking ... ViewMaster
ACCESSORIES ...Vintage ViewMasterACCESSORIES ...Vintage ViewMaster
Stereo Slides - VintageStereo Slides - Vintage
Stereo Views - VintageStereo Views - Vintage
3D Mars and Solar System3D Mars and Solar System
Colorelief & ROMOColorelief & ROMO
Pan PetPan Pet
Show Beam CartridgesShow Beam Cartridges
- - TRU-VUE Strips & Cards- -
Tru-Vue - Animals, Zoos, CircusTru-Vue - Animals, Zoos, Circus
Tru-Vue - Cartoons, Fairy TalesTru-Vue - Cartoons, Fairy Tales
Depth PhotographyDepth Photography
Tru-Vue - National ParksTru-Vue - National Parks
Tru-Vue - Night Clubs, Events, FairsTru-Vue - Night Clubs, Events, Fairs
Tru-Vue - Cities ... U.S.Tru-Vue - Cities ... U.S.
Tru-Vue... U.S. - EastTru-Vue... U.S. - East
Tru-Vue -  U.S. - WestTru-Vue - U.S. - West
Tru-Vue - WorldwideTru-Vue - Worldwide
Tru-Vue Viewers & MoreTru-Vue Viewers & More
Tru-Vue CardsTru-Vue Cards
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ViewMaster BOOKSViewMaster BOOKS
3D Books and Books on 3D3D Books and Books on 3D
3D Instructional Books3D Instructional Books
Magazines 3D RelatedMagazines 3D Related
Stereo World MagazineStereo World Magazine
3D CDs3D CDs
INSIDE 3D Magazine IssuesINSIDE 3D Magazine Issues
3D Comics3D Comics
3D Star Trek & Motion Zodiac Postcards3D Star Trek & Motion Zodiac Postcards
3D Postcards - Animals3D Postcards - Animals
3D Postcards - Astronomy-Space3D Postcards - Astronomy-Space
3D Postcards - Art3D Postcards - Art
3D Postcards - Occasions & Humorous3D Postcards - Occasions & Humorous
3D Postcards - Flowers3D Postcards - Flowers
3D Postcards - Geography3D Postcards - Geography
3D Postcards - Norman Rockwell3D Postcards - Norman Rockwell
3D Postcards - Risque3D Postcards - Risque
3D Postcards - Christmas3D Postcards - Christmas
3D Postcards - Scenic3D Postcards - Scenic
3D Postcards & Stickers - Everything Else3D Postcards & Stickers - Everything Else
3D Puzzles3D Puzzles
3D Bookmarks3D Bookmarks
Phantogram Greeting CardsPhantogram Greeting Cards
3D Rulers & Luggage Tags3D Rulers & Luggage Tags
Phantogram Prints, Books & InstructionPhantogram Prints, Books & Instruction
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- -3D PIN-UP - RISQUE- -
3D Nude Phantograms3D Nude Phantograms
3D Pin-Up Cards, Books & Magazines3D Pin-Up Cards, Books & Magazines
3D Pin-Up Glamour Reels3D Pin-Up Glamour Reels
3D Pin-Up Glamour POSTCARDS3D Pin-Up Glamour POSTCARDS
3D Pin-Up Glamour Stereo Slides3D Pin-Up Glamour Stereo Slides
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Color Faded ViewMaster ReelsColor Faded ViewMaster Reels
Bubbled ViewMaster ReelsBubbled ViewMaster Reels
Grading ViewMaster ReelsGrading ViewMaster Reels

3D Posters .. Lenticular3D Posters .. Lenticular
3D Lenticular Animal Posters3D Lenticular Animal Posters
3D Lenticular Christian Posters3D Lenticular Christian Posters
3D Lenticular Entertainment Posters3D Lenticular Entertainment Posters
3D Lenticular Risque Posters3D Lenticular Risque Posters
3D Lenticular Scenic Posters3D Lenticular Scenic Posters
3D Lenticular Spiritual Posters3D Lenticular Spiritual Posters
3D Vintage Lenticular Posters3D Vintage Lenticular Posters

Vintage 3D Slide Viewers

For the 3D Photographer...

Stereo with Your Camera
digital and film

Tutorial for Stereo Photography
digital and film

Medium Format

Multi Format
Film Cutter

3D Instruction

Instructional DVDs

3D Accessories

Flashes & Adapters

Accessories for
Realist Cameras

new & vintage

Make 3D Stereo Images
with Your Own SLR Camera -
with the Loreo Stereo Lens
(Loreo Stereo-Lens-In-A-Cap)

Make real stereo images with your own SLR digital camera, using the Loreo Stereo Lens on your camera body while using your very same, regular memory card, computer, software, and printer that you use for 2D prints.

Selecting the right Loreo Stereo Lens is easy, you only have to match four criteria:

1. SLR Requirement: As the Loreo Stereo Lens goes on the camera body IN PLACE OF a standard lens, your camera must be a SLR camera with removable lens capabilities.

2. Mount Match: Currently, Loreo make Stereo Lenses with lens mounts to fit digital camera brands as: Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, Samsung, Konica/Minolta, Sony, and Olympus. You must choose the Loreo Stereo Lens with the matching mount for your camera brand.

3. Lens Model Choice: Loreo makes three lens models:

  • Loreo makes a smaller light-weight "First Model" Stereo Lens providing maximum depth of field and angle of view - 9004
  • Loreo makes a Macro Stereo Lens for close-up stereo photography
  • Loreo makes a larger "New Model" Stereo Lens with a slightly longer focal length, equivalent to a portrait lens - 9005A
4. Sensor Match: Digital camera bodies are manufactured with different sized internal sensors, most are one of three sizes:
  • a). Full Frame sensors, (crop factor 1:1);
  • b). 3/4 Frame sensors (crop factor 1:1.5 and 1:1.6);
  • c). 4:3 sensors;
  • d). Micro 4:3 sensors.,
It's that easy! Just find the Loreo Stereo Lens listed below that matches your camera brand, choose the Loreo Lens Model you want, and match the sensor size.


for CANON - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - 3/4 Frame

canon eos
3/4 frame


Code: LOR-LIC9005-eos

In Stock

for CANON -  Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL  - 3/4 Frame


Multipurpose Pokescope® Viewer

viewer only

for Stereo Prints & On-Screen Viewing


Code: NV-POK

In Stock

Multipurpose Pokescope®  Viewer


Poste-Vue Viewer for Stereo Prints

for Stereo Prints
Fold-flat Mailable Viewer



In Stock

Poste-Vue Viewer <i>for Stereo Prints</i>


for CANON - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame

52mm close-up & polarizer filters available


Code: LOR-LIC-Mc

In Stock

for CANON -  Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame


for NIKON & FUJI - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - 3/4 Frame


Code: LOR-LIC9005-n

In Stock

for NIKON & FUJI -  Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - 3/4 Frame


for NIKON & FUJI - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame

Even accepts wide-angle screw-in secondary wide-angle adapters


Code: LOR-LIC-Mn

In Stock

for NIKON & FUJI -  Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame


Circular Polarizing Filter - for all MACRO Loreo Stereo Lenses


Code: FIL-CP1

Circular Polarizing Filter - for all MACRO Loreo Stereo Lenses


OH WOW! Stereo Viewer for Stereo Prints - pre- decorated

Make Your Own OH WOW Cards


Code: GGC-GV

OH WOW!  Stereo Viewer for Stereo Prints - pre- decorated


CD - How to Create Your Own Oh Wow! 3D Card Set

the -how to- for making your own OH WOW cards


Code: CD_WOW

CD - How to Create Your Own Oh Wow!   3D Card Set


OH WOW Viewer Print Mounts

backing mounts for your OH WOW prints


Code: GGC-PM

OH WOW Viewer Print Mounts


for KONICA/MINOLTA & SONY- Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - 3/4 Frame Digital


Code: LOR-LIC9005-maf

In Stock

for KONICA/MINOLTA & SONY-  Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL  - 3/4 Frame Digital


for KONICA/MINOLTA & SONY - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame

Even accepts wide-angle screw-in secondary wide-angle adapters


Code: LOR-LIC-Mm

In Stock

for KONICA/MINOLTA & SONY -  Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame


3 STEREO VIEWERS & Instructional CD

Special Offer
Send to friends and family


Code: C3DGC

3 STEREO VIEWERS & Instructional CD


for PENTAX & SAMSUNG - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - 3/4 Frame


Code: LOR-LIC9005-k

In Stock

for PENTAX & SAMSUNG  - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL  - 3/4  Frame


for PENTAX & SAMSUNG - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame

Even accepts wide-angle screw-in secondary wide-angle adapters


Code: LOR-LIC-Mp

In Stock

for PENTAX & SAMSUNG -  Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - MACRO - 3/4 Frame


Adjustable Stereo Wide Viewer - SS-1

for BIG side-by-side prints
adjustable toe-in mirrors -
built-in protective covers


Code: SVN-SS1

Sorry, out of stock

Adjustable Stereo Wide Viewer - SS-1


for OLYMPUS - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - 4:3 sensor


Code: LOR-LIC9005B

for OLYMPUS - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - 4:3 sensor


for OLYMPUS & PANASONIC - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL - Micro 4:3 sensor


Code: LOR-LIC9005Bm

for OLYMPUS & PANASONIC - Loreo 3D Stereo Lens - NEW MODEL  - Micro 4:3 sensor


Cardboard Mailable Viewer - Loreo Lite

Loreo Lite Viewer
for Prints & On-Screen Viewing
quantity prices



In Stock

Cardboard Mailable Viewer - Loreo Lite


3D Pixi Viewer - Hands-Free Parallel Viewer for computer monitor

production ceased-
limited remaining stock



In Stock

3D Pixi Viewer - Hands-Free Parallel Viewer for computer monitor


Maxi Folding Viewer - for Stereo Prints

-quantity prices-



In Stock

Maxi Folding Viewer  - for Stereo Prints

3D pictures with a 9005A and a 9004 3D lens on a full frame DSLR:
APS-C format 3D Lens in a Cap 9005 (Model 9005A) on a Canon EOS 5D full frame DSLR:

Full size file:

Full frame 3D Lens in a Cap (Model 9004) - the original Loreo 3D lens, on a Canon EOS 5D full frame DSLR:

Full size file:

Note the vignetting that goes all the way round the 3D Lens in a Cap 9005 image, and the slight vignetting in the upper left corner of the 3D image taken by the full frame 3D Lens in a Cap 9004. Most full frame DSLR cameras will take similar looking pictures with the 9004. Print film has the same full frame size, but photo shops usually only print slight cropped images. A slide or negative will show the same results as a DSLR.
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